Let there be light


      • to suggest the beginning of something
        to express a hope or a wish for something new to start or for a situation to improve

      • to encourage understanding or clarity
        to call for enlightenment or the resolution of a confusing or difficult situation

    Examples of Let there be light

    • With a flick of the switch, let there be light in this once dark and dreary room.

      This usage of the idiom "let there be" is ordering light, as in commanding the universe, to bring light into a previously dark space. The phrase "let there be" is often associated with the biblical story of creation, where it is used as a command from God to bring forth light, water, and other elements in the world's beginning. In this context, the idiom is being used in a literal sense, as the speaker is directly causing light to appear through the act of flipping a switch.

    • She could finally see the road ahead, and let there be light on her journey.

      This usage of the idiom is more metaphorical, as the speaker is expressing a sense of hope and optimism for the future. She was once in a state of uncertainty, where the road ahead was not visible, but now she can see a path forward. By using the idiom "let there be light" in this instance, she is essentially wishing for a positive and illuminating journey ahead, much like bringing light into a dark space.

    • Despite the storm outside, let there be light in my heart as I find solace in the warmth of my home.

      This usage of the idiom is combining both literal and metaphorical meanings. The speaker is acknowledging the external darkness caused by the storm but also seeking inner light and positivity during a challenging time. It's as if the speaker is inviting light into their heart, or soul, for comfort and reassurance.

    • With each step forward, the path ahead grew brighter, and I let there be light in my heart, empowering me to continue onward.

      This final example builds upon the previous one, as the speaker is continuing to find solace in their internal light as they move forward. By bringing light into their heart, they're able to grow increasingly empowered and confident in their actions. In this way, the idiom "let there be light" is being used as a method of self-reflection and personal growth, much like the biblical creation story in which light brought forth new life and order to the universe.

    • As soon as the projector was switched on, the room was engulfed in brightness, and everyone exclaimed, "Let there be light!"

      The expression "Let there be light" is used figuratively here to indicate the transformation that takes place when light is switched on in a dimly lit room. It is a biblical reference to the creation story in Genesis, where God says, "Let there be light," and light is created. This idiom is often used metaphorically to suggest that something positive and transformative is about to happen.

    • The new CEO's arrival brought a wave of positive changes in the company, and everyone felt their spirits lift. They said, "Let there be light, it's time for a new beginning!"

      The expression "Let there be light" is used metaphorically here to suggest that a new beginning or positive change is about to take place. This idiom creates a visual image of a dimly lit room being transformed by the switch-on of bright light, representing the positive impact a new beginning can have.

    • After a long day at work, I walked into my apartment, and the darkness enveloped me. I said to myself, "Let there be light!" as I reached for the switch.

      The expression "Let there be light" is used literally here to indicate the physical action of switching on the lights. This idiom emphasizes the transformative power of light and highlights how it can change the atmosphere of a space almost immediately.

    • In a world filled with darkness and despair, we need to be the light that guides the way. We need to be advocates for change, and we need to let our light shine bright. Let there be light!

      The expression "Let there be light" is used metaphorically here to suggest that people need to be the positive change they wish to see in the world. This idiom emphasizes the importance of being a force for good and making a difference in the world, spreading light and positivity wherever one goes.


    The idiom "Let there be light" can be used to express a desire for something new to begin or for a situation to improve. It can also be used to call for understanding or clarity in a confusing or difficult situation.

    Origin of "Let there be light"

    The phrase "Let there be light" originates from the Bible, specifically from the book of Genesis in the Old Testament. In the creation story, God speaks these words to bring light into the darkness, marking the beginning of the world. Over time, the phrase has become a powerful and widely recognized symbol for the start of something new or for the resolution of a problem. It is often used in a metaphorical sense to express a hope for enlightenment or understanding in various situations. The phrase has also been incorporated into literature, art, and popular culture as a symbol of new beginnings and the pursuit of knowledge.