Harvest moon


      • the full moon that occurs nearest to the autumnal equinox
        Refers to the large, orange moon that is visible in the sky during the autumn season

      • a time of abundance and prosperity
        Symbolizes a period of great success or productivity, often used in a figurative sense

    Examples of Harvest moon

    • The farmer's wife set out their supper under the soft glow of the harvest moon.

      The harvest moon is the full moon that appears around the time of the autumnal equinox, making it a full moon that illuminates the landscape during harvest time. In this example, "harvest moon" is being used as a figurative phrase to describe the brightness and serene atmosphere of the full moon that illuminates the scene.

    • The harvest moon was a sight to behold, casting a mystical glow over the countryside.

      Here, "harvest moon" is being used as a descriptive phrase to convey the romantic and magical ambiance of the full moon during the autumn harvest. In other words, the scene depicted is picturesque, tranquil, and enchanting, reminiscent of the harvest season.

    • The harvest moon provided ample illumination for the villagers to finish their harvest late into the night.

      This example shows how the "harvest moon" serves as an idiomatic expression to describe how the moon provides light in the dark, particularly during the harvest season. The villagers took advantage of the brightness of the moon to carry on with their work, which is symbolic of the harvest period when crops are gently gathered and crated for the winter.

    • The harvest moon brought about pleasant memories of fall hayrides and harvest festivals.

      In this example, "harvest moon" serves as a poetic phrase that invokes memories of the harvest season and the series of events that symbolize the fall festivities. This idiom also evokes memorable scenes such as traditional hayrides, fairs, and festivals reminiscent of the harvest period.

    • The judge's decision was a harbinger of harsh justice to come.

      Just as the harvest moon can signal the coming of a hard winter, the judge's strict ruling may be indicative of more severe consequences to follow.

    • The CEO's sudden departure was a harbinger of changes to come for the company.

      Like the arrival of the harvest moon can signal the start of a crop-gathering season, the CEO's unexpected departure may herald a time of change or transition for the organization.

    • The project's success was a harvest moon for our team, signaling a bountiful season of prosperity.

      Just as the harvest moon can represent a time of abundance and plenty, the successful completion of the project can serve as a signal of the team's future prosperity and success.

    • The politician's rhetoric was a harbinger of a frustrating election season ahead.

      Like the arrival of the harvest moon can signal the start of a challenging season, the politician's speech may be a sign of a difficult and contentious election process to come.


    The idiom "harvest moon" has two distinct meanings. It can refer to the full moon that occurs nearest to the autumnal equinox, or it can symbolize a time of abundance and prosperity. In both cases, the idiom is used to evoke images of nature and seasonal changes, as well as the idea of reaping the rewards of hard work and effort.

    In the literal sense, "harvest moon" describes a specific astronomical event, while in the figurative sense, it is used to convey the idea of success and prosperity. This idiom is often used in literature, music, and other forms of artistic expression to create vivid imagery and convey a sense of achievement and fulfillment.

    Origin of "Harvest moon"

    The term "harvest moon" has its origins in agricultural traditions and the natural cycles of the earth. In many cultures, the harvest moon holds significance as it marks the time when crops are gathered and stored for the winter. The association of the full moon with abundance and prosperity is deeply rooted in the agricultural practices of the past.

    The idiom "harvest moon" has been used in literature and folklore for centuries, capturing the imagination of people across different cultures. It continues to be a powerful symbol of nature's cycles and the rewards of hard work. Whether used to describe the astronomical event or as a metaphor for success, the idiom "harvest moon" remains a timeless and evocative expression.