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  • being the center of attention
    The actress has been in the limelight ever since she won the Best Actress award at the Academy Awards.
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  • making small savings while losing larger amounts of money
    Emily refused to pay for an extended warranty on her new car, as she believed that the added expense was unnecessary. Later, when the car broke down and required expensive repairs, she regretted her decision. This is an example of being penny-wise and pound foolish.
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  • unknown or unexpected winner
    In the upcoming elections, Sarah is being called a dark horse candidate. She may not have a lot of name recognition, but her platform and experience make her a serious contender.
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  • to take back a gift or favor that was given
    Lisa offered Tom a cookie, but then snatched it back, saying, "Never mind. I changed my mind."
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  • Deliberate action disguised as an accident
    I spilled coffee on my shirt on purpose to avoid going to the meeting.
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  • An idea which constantly occupies one's thoughts
    Alice has a bee in her bonnet about quitting her job and starting her own business. She's been researching it for weeks and can't seem to shake the idea.
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