A Tale of Friendship Lost and Found

Two old friends reunite, reminisce, and realize their friendship has changed.

It was a bright and early morning when Alex decided to visit his old friend, Sarah, after years of being worlds apart. As he knocked on her door, his heart was beating around the bush, unsure of what awaited him. Sarah opened the door, and there was an awkward silence.

'Long time no see,' Alex said, trying to break the ice. Sarah forced a smile, 'Yeah, it's been ages.'

As they sat down for coffee, the conversation was touch and go. They walked down memory lane, but each memory seemed to add fuel to the fire of their uncomfortable reminiscing. Alex mentioned their high school prom, and Sarah's face turned red. 'Remember how you stood me up for Mary?' she said. Alex, feeling caught red-handed, mumbled an apology.

Trying to steer clear of the past, they discussed their current lives. But even here, the conversation was not all it's cracked up to be. Sarah's bragging about her successful career rubbed Alex the wrong way, and his tales of world travels seemed to fall on deaf ears.

After a while, it was clear they were both beating around the bush, avoiding the elephant in the room - their fallen out friendship. Finally, Alex bit the bullet. 'Sarah, I think we've drifted apart. Maybe it's best to let sleeping dogs lie.'

Sarah nodded, 'Perhaps some things are better left in the past.' They parted ways, realizing that some friendships are like shooting stars - here today, gone tomorrow.