Let sleeping dogs lie


      Examples of Let sleeping dogs lie

      • Sara knew that her aunt had a deep-seated grudge against her neighbor, Mr. Johnson. She also knew that her aunt's anger had been brewing for years, but she chose to "let sleeping dogs lie" and avoid bringing up the issue.

        In this example, "let sleeping dogs lie" means that Sara didn't want to stir up an old conflict by bringing up her aunt's anger towards her neighbor. By avoiding the topic, she allowed the situation to remain peaceful and unexploded, like a sleeping dog. ANOTHER

      • The politicians knew that the election results could be disputed, but they decided to "let sleeping dogs lie" and wait for the voting commission to investigate the matter.

        Here, "let sleeping dogs lie" refers to the decision not to challenge the election results immediately, but rather to wait for the official results and avoid any potential controversy or legal battles. THIRD

      • When Sam's boss criticized him in a meeting, Sam felt the urge to defend himself, but he chose to "let sleeping dogs lie" and instead smiled and said nothing.

        In this example, "let sleeping dogs lie" means that Sam didn't want to argue with his boss in the middle of a meeting or stir up any negative feelings. By remaining calm and avoiding a confrontation, he allowed the situation to remain peaceful, like a sleeping dog.

      • It's best to not bring up the issue of your ex-boyfriend's cheating if it's not relevant to the current situation. Let sleeping dogs lie.

        This idiom is used to suggest that it's better not to disturb or bring up a sensitive or contentious matter that has been left unresolved or undiscussed, in order to avoid causing unnecessary conflict or upset. In this example, if bringing up the issue of the ex-boyfriend's cheating is not directly related to the current situation, it's wiser to avoid it, let the matter rest, and let the other person's thoughts or feelings about it remain undisturbed or unexpressed. It's like leaving a sleeping dog (a situation or issue that's potentially contentious or uncomfortable) alone, without disturbing or provoking it, in order to prevent any negative consequences or disturbances.

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