sky high


      • very high
        Describing something as being at a great height or level

      • very expensive
        Describing something as being priced very high or costing a lot of money

      • very enthusiastic
        Describing someone as being extremely excited or passionate about something

    Examples of sky high

    • The company's profits soared sky high last quarter.

      This idiom means that the profits of the company increased significantly, reaching extremely high levels.

    • The cost of living in this city just keeps getting sky high.

      Here, "sky high" is used to describe how expensive it has become to live in this particular city.

    • The basketball player's dunks were jumping sky high.

      This example utilizes "sky high" as a descriptor for something's height. In this case, the basketball player's dunks reached exceptionally high altitudes.

    • He promised to complete the project by the end of the day, but his workload has been sky high lately.

      This example showcases how "sky high" can also represent the amount or magnitude of something. In this case, the speaker's workload has been incredibly demanding, making it difficult to meet previous commitments.

    • The stock prices soared sky high after the company announced its latest profits.

      In this example, "sky high" is used to describe the dramatic increase in stock prices, which has reached a very high point that seems almost unattainable or impossible to reach.

    • The little girl gazed up at the skyscrapers, awestruck by their height that seemed to touch the sky.

      In this example, "sky high" is used to describe the extreme height of the skyscrapers, which appears to reach the sky or the clouds, making them seem almost impossible to climb or reach.

    • The sales figures have skyrocketed in the last quarter, reaching unprecedented heights that we never thought possible.

      In this example, "skyrocketed" is the more commonly used term for a steep rise in sales figures, but "sky high" is used to further emphasize the extreme height or magnitude of this success.

    • The fees for the elite school were sky-high, putting it out of reach for most parents.

      In this example, "sky-high" is used as a synonym for "sky high" to describe the extremely high cost or fees of the elite school, which seems almost impossible or unattainable for most parents due to its high price point.


    The idiom "sky high" can be used in various contexts to convey the ideas of great height, expensive cost, or extreme enthusiasm. It is a versatile phrase that can be used in both literal and figurative senses to emphasize the level or intensity of something.

    Origin of "sky high"

    The origin of the idiom "sky high" can be traced back to the literal meaning of the words. The sky is often used as a symbol of something vast and limitless, so when something is described as being "sky high," it implies that it has reached an extreme level. The association of the sky with height and vastness likely led to the figurative use of the phrase to describe things that are very high or intense.

    In terms of the usage to describe something as being very expensive, the idea of reaching the sky as a metaphor for reaching an extreme level of cost is likely the basis for this meaning. Additionally, the association of the sky with something that is out of reach or unattainable may have contributed to the usage of "sky high" to denote exorbitant prices.

    Overall, the origins of the idiom "sky high" can be linked to the literal and figurative connotations of the sky as a symbol of vastness, height, and intensity. Its various meanings have evolved over time to encompass different aspects of extremity and intensity in different contexts. Examples of the idiom "sky high" can be found in literature, music, and everyday conversation.