put our best foot forward


      • make a good impression
        Encourage someone to present themselves in the best possible way, especially when meeting new people or in a formal setting

      • strive for excellence
        Encourage someone to do their best and perform at their highest level

      • show determination and effort
        Encourage someone to demonstrate their commitment and effort in a particular activity or task

    Examples of put our best foot forward

    • The sales team decided to put their best foot forward during the annual trade show, by showcasing their latest products, hiring top-notch sales representatives, and going all out with their promotional strategies.

      This idiom is used when an individual or a group is determined to give their maximum effort in order to achieve a desired outcome. The phrase "putting our best foot forward" implies that we are starting a process, be it a project, a meeting, or an event, with confidence and commitment, using all available resources to ensure success.

    • The new marketing campaign has been planned meticulously, with the aim of putting our best foot forward in the consumer market. Our team of experts has brainstormed a range of innovative ideas, and we are confident that our campaign will exceed customer expectations.

      Here, idiom usage is in a creative way where the speaker wants to show that the new marketing strategy is not only planned minutely but is also expected to surpass the customer satisfaction levels by giving 100% effort.

    • The actor, who was just starting his career, knew that he had to put his best foot forward in his debut film, as it would determine the course of his future in the industry. He practiced relentlessly, giving his all on the sets, and the film turned out to be a massive hit, which propelled him to fame.

      In this example, the idiom is used to depict the intense effort and commitment required for someone who is starting a new phase of his career, as everything is a make or break situation for them.

    • The CEO announced that the company would be putting its best foot forward in the upcoming merger negotiations. The executives were ordered to leave no stone unturned, and given complete autonomy in making decisions.

      The idiom here is used in a professional context to indicate that the company wants to put in all efforts and resources to ensure success in the negotiations, as it is a critical deal for the organization's future.

    • The sales team put their best foot forward during the presentation, showcasing the company's latest products with enthusiasm and confidence.

      This idiom is used to describe a situation where someone is trying their hardest and making every effort to succeed. In this case, the sales team was presenting their products to potential customers, and they wanted to make the best possible impression. By putting their best foot forward, they were showing that they were determined to succeed and confident in what they had to offer. It's a way of emphasizing that they were doing everything they could to make the presentation a success.

    • The company is putting their best foot forward in the face of tough competition, investing in new technology and hiring top talent to stay ahead of the curve.

      In this example, the company is facing strong competition in their industry, and they are responding by taking aggressive action to stay ahead. By putting their best foot forward, they are showing that they are not content to simply sit back and let their competitors win – they are actively taking steps to stay on top. This might include investing in new technology, hiring top talent, or any other action that helps the company stand out. It's a way of emphasizing that the company is not afraid of a challenge and is committed to succeeding.

    • The student put her best foot forward during the exam, staying focused and avoiding distractions in order to perform her best.

      This example is about a student taking a difficult exam. By putting her best foot forward, she is trying to minimize the number of mistakes she makes and maximize her score. This might mean avoiding distractions, staying focused, and working hard to answer every question correctly. It's a way of emphasizing that the student is determined to succeed and is doing everything she can to perform well.

    • The city is putting its best foot forward to attract more tourists, investing in new attractions and marketing campaigns to promote the area.

      Here, the city is trying to improve its image and attract more visitors. By putting its best foot forward, the city is showcasing what it has to offer and trying to convince people to come and see it. This might include investing in new attractions, improving infrastructure, and launching marketing campaigns to advertise the city. It's a way of emphasizing that the city is committed to being attractive and appealing to tourists.


    The idiom "put our best foot forward" is used to encourage someone to make a good impression, strive for excellence, and show determination and effort in various situations.

    When someone advises you to "put your best foot forward," they are essentially encouraging you to present yourself in the best possible way, whether it's in a social or professional setting. This can involve dressing well, speaking confidently, and showing good manners to leave a positive impression on others.

    In addition, this idiom also urges individuals to strive for excellence by doing their best and performing at their highest level. It conveys the message that one should aim for success and not settle for mediocrity.

    Furthermore, "putting your best foot forward" also signifies showing determination and effort. It encourages individuals to demonstrate their commitment and dedication to a task or goal, emphasizing the importance of putting in the necessary work to achieve success.

    Overall, the idiom serves as a motivational reminder to approach various situations with confidence, excellence, and determination.

    Origin of "put our best foot forward"

    The origin of the idiom "put our best foot forward" dates back to the 14th century, where the concept of the "right foot" being associated with positivity and good luck was prevalent in various cultures. This belief was rooted in the idea that the right side was the stronger and more favorable side.

    Over time, the expression evolved to convey the notion of presenting oneself in the best possible light, both figuratively and literally. It became a metaphor for demonstrating one's best qualities and abilities, especially in social and professional interactions.

    The idiom has since become a widely used phrase in the English language, reflecting the universal desire to make a positive impression and strive for excellence in various endeavors. Its origins highlight the cultural significance of symbolism and superstition in shaping language and expressions.