More light!


      • request for more illumination
        Ask for additional light in a dark or dimly lit space

      • seek clarity or understanding
        Express a desire for more information or insight on a particular topic or issue

    Examples of More light!

    • The stage director shouted "More light!" before the final act of the play.

      This is an example of the idiom "More light!" being used to request brighter stage lighting in a theatrical setting. It is typically used by directors or technicians during a performance to ensure the actors are properly illuminated for the audience to see.

    • As the sun began to set, the camper exclaimed "More light!" and quickly set up their camping lantern.

      In this instance, "More light!" is being used figuratively to express the desire for more illumination in a darkening outdoor environment. This can be especially important for campers who need to prepare food, set up tents, or complete other tasks in low-light conditions.

    • The artist squinted at her canvas and muttered "More light!" as she struggled to see the details of her painting.

      Here, "More light!" is being used in a creative way to convey the need for better lighting in a specific context, such as while working on a fine art project. This can be useful in situations where the artist is using a small workspace or working with intricate materials that require precise lighting to complete.

    • The detective scrutinized the crime scene and said "More light!" to his partner, who immediately shone a flashlight in the desired direction.

      In this example, "More light!" is being used to request additional illumination in a forensic or investigative setting, potentially uncovering evidence that might have otherwise gone unnoticed in the dimly-lit surroundings.

    • The detective said, "More light over there! I want to see what's hiding in the shadows."

      "More light" is commonly used as a phrasal verb to request more illumination in a specific area. In this example, the detective wants to investigate a dark corner and is asking someone to provide additional lighting to reveal any hidden objects or details.

    • The barista replied, "Sure thing, more light coming right up!"

      This is an instance where somebody responds affirmatively to a request for more light in order to help with a task or situation that requires better visibility.

    • The stagehand muttered to himself, "More light won't fix this bloody mess," as he tried to straighten a wobbly set piece.

      In this scenario, the phrase "more light" is being used figuratively. The set piece is a major problem and no amount of additional illumination is going to fix it.

    • The artist exclaimed, "More light, please! I'm trying to capture every detail of this masterpiece."

      "More light" is being employed here in a creative sense, since the artist is seeking additional light to achieve a greater level of detail and definition in their artwork.


    The idiom "More light!" can be used in different contexts to either request additional illumination in a physical space or to express a need for more clarity or understanding on a particular topic. In both cases, the intention is to seek more visibility or insight.

    Origin of "More light!"

    The origin of the idiom "More light!" can be traced back to the famous last words of the German philosopher and mathematician, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. According to historical accounts, these were the final words spoken by Goethe on his deathbed in 1832. It is believed that Goethe's request for "More light!" was a literal plea for illumination in his darkened room as he sought to have more light shed upon his surroundings. However, over time, the phrase has evolved to also symbolize a desire for clarity and understanding in various aspects of life and knowledge. The idiom has since become a common expression used to convey the need for more information or insight.