Meet your match


      • to find someone who is equal in skill or ability
        When facing a challenge or competition, this idiom is used to convey that the person or team being faced is equally skilled or talented.

      • to encounter or face someone with equal determination or strength
        This idiom can also be used to describe a situation where someone is being confronted by an opponent or adversary who is just as determined and strong-willed as they are.

      • to find someone who is a suitable romantic partner or equal in a relationship
        In a romantic or personal context, this idiom can be used to express that someone has found their perfect match or someone who is just as compatible and well-suited for them.

    Examples of Meet your match

    • The determined athlete finally met her match in the form of a fierce competitor who had been training just as hard.

      This idiom is used to describe a situation where two people or things are equally strong, talented, or skilled. The phrase "meet your match" implies that the person or thing being referred to has found someone or something that is equally formidable or challenging. In this example, the athlete had been successful in her sport for a long time, but she encountered a competitor who was just as talented and determined as she was. This made their match especially intense and challenging.


    In general, the idiom "meet your match" is used to convey a sense of equality or balance between two opposing forces or individuals. It is often used in competitive or confrontational situations, but can also be used to describe a romantic or personal connection.

    When used in a competitive context, this idiom suggests that the opposing party is just as skilled, determined, or capable as the other. It can also be used to express admiration or respect for the other person's abilities.

    In a personal context, this idiom can also be used to describe a strong and equal partnership or relationship. It conveys the idea of two people who are well-matched and compatible with each other.

    Origin of "Meet your match"

    The origin of this idiom is believed to be from the game of chess. In chess, when a player's king is threatened by the opponent's queen, it is said to be in "check." If the player is unable to escape this threat, it is considered a "checkmate" and the game is over.

    Therefore, the phrase "meet your match" is thought to come from the idea of a player facing a skilled opponent who puts them in checkmate, or "matches" their abilities in the game. Over time, this phrase has evolved to be used in various contexts beyond just competitive games like chess.

    Another theory suggests that the phrase may have originated from the concept of matchmaking, where two individuals are paired together based on their compatibility and suitability for each other. In this sense, "meeting your match" would mean finding someone who is a perfect match for you.