land on her feet


      • to come out of a difficult situation successfully
        Describing someone who always manages to handle challenges effectively and achieve positive results

      • to be fortunate or lucky
        Referring to someone who consistently experiences good luck or favorable outcomes in various situations

    Examples of land on her feet

    • After quitting her job, Maria's business plan unexpectedly impressed investors, allowing her to start her own company that has been thriving ever since. With her natural talent for entrepreneurship, it's clear that Maria was able to land on her feet.

      This idiom, "land on her feet," refers to the ability to successfully navigate through unexpected or challenging situations. Essentially, it's a metaphorical way of saying that someone has managed to land gently and safely on their feet, even after jumping into unsettled circumstances. In Maria's case, she was able to take a risk by leaving her job and then immediately land on her feet by starting a successful company.

    • Despite facing numerous setbacks and obstacles, Carla remained optimistic and persevered through every hardship. Her unwavering determination and hard work allowed her to land on her feet and eventually become a top executive at her company.

      Similar to the previous example, "landing on her feet" in this context means that Carla was able to overcome adversity and land in a positive or advantageous position. By maintaining a positive attitude and working diligently, Carla was able to navigate through challenges and eventually achieve success.

    • In the midst of a chaotic and uncertain situation, Sarah's quick thinking and resourcefulness allowed her to come out on top. Some might say that Sarah was able to land on her feet, even in the face of adversity.

      In this example, Sarah's resilience and ability to adapt to her surroundings allowed her to successfully navigate through a tricky situation. By being quick-witted and thinking on her feet, Sarah was able to rise above the chaos and land in a favorable position.Overall, the idiom "land on her feet" is used to describe individuals who are able to recover from difficult situations and come out successful or unscathed. Whether it's through hard work, resourcefulness, or natural talent, those who land on their feet are able to overcome challenges and achieve success.

    • Despite losing her job and breaking up with her boyfriend, Sarah landed on her feet when she started her own successful business.

      The phrase to land on your feet is used to describe someone who experiences good fortune or succeeds despite adversity. In Sarah's case, after experiencing two major setbacks, she was able to turn things around by starting her own business and finding success.

    • The actress landed on her feet after being dropped by her agency. She went on to star in a popular TV series and has since become a household name.

      This example shows how someone can benefit from a difficult situation by seizing an opportunity and turning it into a positive outcome.

    • When the company downsized and let go of half its employees, those who were left were relieved to have landed on their feet.

      This example demonstrates how someone might avoid a negative consequence, such as losing their job, and instead end up in a better situation.

    • After her car broke down on the highway and she was stranded for hours, the woman landed on her feet by using the time to meditate and reflect on her life.

      This example shows how someone can find a positive outcome even in a difficult situation by choosing to view it as an opportunity for growth or self-reflection.


    The idiom "land on her feet" is often used to describe individuals who are able to handle difficult situations successfully and come out on top. It can also denote someone who seems to have good luck or fortune in various aspects of life, consistently experiencing positive outcomes. This phrase is typically used in a positive and admiring context to praise someone's ability to navigate challenges and achieve success.

    Origin of "land on her feet"

    The origin of the idiom "land on her feet" can be traced back to the behavior of cats. Cats are known for their agility and ability to always land on their feet, even when falling from great heights. This concept of cats always landing on their feet has been used metaphorically to describe individuals who are able to handle challenging situations with grace and come out successfully. Over time, the phrase has evolved to be applied to people who consistently experience good luck or favorable outcomes in various circumstances. The association with cats and their ability to land on their feet has contributed to the widespread use of this idiom in the English language.