I'll be there with bells on


      • expressing eagerness
        to enthusiastically agree to attend an event or gathering

      • punctuality
        to promise to be on time or early for an event or appointment

    Examples of I'll be there with bells on

    • Joan promised her cousin that she would attend his wedding, and she exclaimed, "I'll be there with bells on!"

      The expression "I'll be there with bells on" means that Joan will definitely attend her cousin's wedding, and she will make a big deal of it by wearing something extraordinary or stylish that will draw attention. It refers to the sound that bells make, and it symbolizes enthusiasm, excitement, and eagerness to be present in someone's special event.

    • The marketing team has been working hard on this project, and their boss said, "I'll be there with bells on to present their proposal!"

      The idiom "I'll be there with bells on" is used here to show the boss's confidence and pride in his team's hard work. It suggests that he will be present at the meeting where they will be presenting their proposal, and he will make a grand entrance to show his support and approval.

    • The sales representative promised the client that he would complete the project as soon as possible, and he assured him, "I'll be there with bells on to deliver the goods!"

      This statement from the sales representative indicates that he is committed to fulfilling the client's request and delivering the goods on time. It shows his dedication and enthusiasm towards his work and his eagerness to exceed the client's expectations.

    • The bandleader announced, "We'll be there with bells on to rock the concert!"

      This is an example of how the idiom "I'll be there with bells on" can be used creatively. It indicates that the band will put on an exceptional performance at the concert, and they will make it a memorable experience for the audience. The use of the expression adds excitement and enthusiasm to the announcement, and it conveys the band's confidence and passion for music.

    • The sales team is looking forward to the annual conference, and they've promised to attend with bells on, meaning they're eagerly anticipating the event and will be fully engaged and enthusiastic participants.

      The expression "I'll be there with bells on" is a colorful way of saying that someone is highly motivated and excited to participate in an event or activity. It suggests that the person will be fully engaged and enthusiastic, going above and beyond what is expected of them. The image of bells is used to create a vivid mental picture of someone being particularly eager and enthusiastic, perhaps ringing bells or wearing bells as a symbol of celebration and joy. In the context of the sales team, the expression conveys a sense of confidence and optimism, suggesting that they're ready to make the most of the conference and come away with valuable insights and connections.


    The idiom "I'll be there with bells on" is used to express eagerness and punctuality. It is often used to show enthusiasm for attending an event or gathering, and to promise to be on time or early for an appointment. The phrase conveys a sense of excitement and commitment to being present at the specified time and place.

    Origin of "I'll be there with bells on"

    The origin of the idiom "I'll be there with bells on" is not entirely clear, but it is believed to have originated in the early 20th century in the United States. The phrase likely stems from the practice of decorating horses with bells for festive occasions, indicating that the person will arrive at the event in a celebratory manner. Over time, the idiom has evolved to convey a sense of eagerness and punctuality, with the addition of "bells on" emphasizing the commitment to being present and ready for the occasion. Today, the idiom is commonly used in casual conversation to express enthusiasm and punctuality. For example, "I'm looking forward to the party tonight, I'll be there with bells on!"