idiom: very close friends


      • close friendship
        To describe a very strong and intimate friendship between two people

    Examples of idiom: very close friends

    • Sam and Rachel are as close as two peas in a pod.

      This idiom means that Sam and Rachel are very close friends, they are so similar in character and habits that they are like two peas that have stuck together in a pod.

    • Tom and Jerry are thick as thieves.

      This idiom means that Tom and Jerry are very close friends, possibly to an extent that some may consider their friendship suspicious or secretive, as if they were working together like thieves.

    • Alice and Bella are each other's better half.

      This idiom means that Alice and Bella are very close friends, each one completing the other and making the other person better in some way.

    • Kevin and James bonded over their shared love for hiking.

      This is a more literal use of the idiom "bonded", meaning that Kevin and James became very close friends through their mutual enjoyment of hiking. However, "bonded" is also sometimes used to mean that they became very close friends as a result of some shared experience, not necessarily a particular activity. This idiom refers to the concept that people who share a strong bond or connection have a close relationship, similar to the bond that forms between two halves of a magnet.

    • Marco and Luca are as close as two peas in a pod.

      This idiom compares the close relationship between two people to the way that peas naturally stick together inside a pod. Marco and Luca are very close friends and seem to do everything together, just like peas that cannot be separated.

    • Mila and Evelyn are thick as thieves.

      The use of 'thick as thieves' is an old-fashioned phrase that means that two people have a very close and trusting relationship. The term 'thieves' is used because historically, thieves had to be very close and trustworthy with each other in order to successfully pull off a robbery.

    • Jaden and Reema are joined at the hip.

      This idiom describes two people who are inseparable and spend all of their time together. It comes from the imagery of two people being physically attached at the hip. Jaden and Reema are very close friends who continuously spend time in each other's company, and it's almost impossible to separate them.

    • Aaron and Tyler are as tight as a drum.

      This idiom refers to two people who are very close, much like the way that the tension of a drum is tightly wound. Aaron and Tyler are very close friends who always seem to have each other's backs, and the bond between them is solid and unbreakable.


    The idiom "very close friends" is used to describe a deep and meaningful friendship between two individuals. It signifies a strong bond and close connection between the friends. This idiom is often used to emphasize the depth of the friendship and the level of trust and understanding between the individuals.

    Origin of "idiom: very close friends"

    The origin of the idiom "very close friends" is not entirely clear, but it likely stems from the idea of physical proximity representing emotional closeness. When two people are very close physically, it is often seen as a reflection of their emotional bond. Over time, this idea evolved into the use of the idiom to describe a deep and meaningful friendship. The idiom has been widely used in English language and literature to signify strong friendships and close relationships. For example, in classic literature and contemporary writing, authors often use this idiom to convey the depth of the bond between characters. Overall, the idiom "very close friends" has become a common expression to describe a strong and intimate friendship.