hit the jackpot


      • achieve great success or luck, especially in financial terms
        To describe someone who has had a very fortunate or successful experience, often in terms of winning a large amount of money or achieving a major goal

      • find something very valuable or desirable
        To indicate that someone has discovered or obtained something highly desirable or beneficial

    Examples of hit the jackpot

    • Sarah's lottery ticket finally hit the jackpot, earning her millions of dollars overnight.

      When a person wins a large amount of money, usually a predetermined sum, from a lottery, they have hit the jackpot. In this example, Sarah's luck finally paid off and she won the grand prize in the lottery, becoming an instant millionaire.

    • After months of job searching, Jane at last hit the jackpot and was offered her dream job with a high salary and great benefits.

      When a person attains their goal or desired outcome after facing challenges and difficulties, they have hit the jackpot. In this example, Jane's job search was long and demanding, but she eventually landed her ideal job, which provided an excellent salary and excellent benefits.

    • The stock market went wild today, and my investment finally hit the jackpot, so I'm now a wealthy man.

      When an investment or stock market entry formerly considered unproductive or disappointing pays off significantly, the investor has hit the jackpot. In this example, the stock market experienced substantial growth, resulting in the investor's stock becoming incredibly profitable, making them very wealthy.

    • The drama club's annual production hit the jackpot this year with overwhelmingly positive audiences reviews and a huge box office haul.

      When an event, project or outcome surpasses all expectations, it can be said to have hit the jackpot. In this example, the drama club's theatrical production received tremendous audience acclaim and generated substantial revenue, making it a major success story.

    • She hit the jackpot when she found a rare antique at a garage sale for only $

      To "hit the jackpot" is to have a tremendous success or achievement, especially when it comes unexpectedly. In this example, the woman found an antique that is highly valuable and sought after, which is like hitting the jackpot or winning a large prize at a casino.

    • The startup hit the jackpot when they secured a multimillion-dollar investment from a prominent venture capitalist.

      In this example, the startup achieved a significant financial success by securing a large investment, which is like hitting the jackpot or winning a large prize at a casino.

    • The athlete hit the jackpot when she won the Olympic gold medal.

      In this example, the athlete achieved the highest level of success in her sport by winning the gold medal, which is like hitting the jackpot or winning the largest prize at a casino.

    • The student hit the jackpot when he aced his final exam and received an A+ grade.

      In this example, the student achieved a high level of success in his academic pursuits by receiving an excellent grade, which is like hitting the jackpot or winning a large prize at a casino.


    The idiom "hit the jackpot" is used to express the idea of achieving great success or luck, particularly in financial terms. It can also refer to finding something very valuable or desirable. This expression is often used in a positive context to highlight a fortunate or successful outcome.

    People may use this idiom when discussing someone's significant achievement or fortunate discovery. It is commonly used in casual conversation and can be applied to various situations where someone experiences a stroke of luck or obtains something highly desirable.

    Overall, "hit the jackpot" is a colorful and vivid way to describe a person's extraordinary success or luck, and it conveys a sense of excitement and positivity.

    Origin of "hit the jackpot"

    The origin of the idiom "hit the jackpot" can be traced back to the world of gambling. In the context of slot machines and other games of chance, hitting the jackpot refers to winning the highest possible payout. The term "jackpot" itself originally referred to a large cash prize in a game of cards or dice.

    Over time, the expression "hit the jackpot" has evolved to encompass broader notions of success and good fortune, beyond just gambling. It has become a widely recognized and versatile idiom that can be used to describe any kind of significant achievement, windfall, or valuable discovery.

    The vivid imagery of hitting a literal jackpot in a game of chance has made this idiom a popular and enduring way to convey the idea of achieving great success or luck. Examples of hitting the jackpot in popular culture, such as winning a lottery or uncovering a valuable treasure, have helped to solidify its place in the English language.