Hey presto


      • to express suddenness or surprise
        To indicate that something has happened quickly and unexpectedly, often when something is achieved or produced with little effort

      • to express completion or success
        To indicate that a task or action has been successfully completed or achieved, often with an element of showmanship or flair

    Examples of Hey presto

    • The magician pulled a rabbit out of his hat, saying "Hey presto!"

      In this example, "Hey presto" is used in a sentence to mean "watch what happens!" or "look at this!" in a dramatic or theatrical way. The magician is signaling to the audience that something amazing and unexpected is about to happen.

    • Jane had been working on her art project for weeks, but suddenly everything fell into place and she exclaimed "Hey presto!"

      Here, "Hey presto" is used to express surprise and delight at how easily something has been accomplished. Jane is saying that she had feared that the project would take much longer, but now it seems to have come together effortlessly.

    • Tom had been practicing his presentation for days, but when he stepped up to the podium and delivered it flawlessly, he declared "Hey presto!"

      This example shows how "Hey presto" can be used to signal triumph over a difficult challenge. Tom is saying that all his efforts have paid off and that he has achieved his goal with ease.

    • The chef whipped up a gourmet dinner in no time at all, and his guests were amazed, murmuring "Hey presto!"

      Here, "Hey presto" is used to express admiration and surprise at someone's skill or ability. The chef has impressed his guests by creating a delicious and elaborate meal seemingly out of nowhere.

    • Just like that, the curtains magically parted, revealing the stunning view out the window. Hey presto!

      The expression "Hey presto" is used when something happens suddenly and unexpectedly, in a seemingly magical or mysterious way. In this example, the parting of the curtains is described as occurring instantly and effortlessly, much like a stage magician's trick. The use of "Hey presto" adds an element of surprise and enchantment to the scene.


    The idiom "hey presto" is used to express suddenness or surprise, often to indicate that something has happened quickly and unexpectedly. It can also be used to express completion or success, particularly when a task or action has been successfully achieved with an element of showmanship or flair.

    In both cases, "hey presto" is used to draw attention to an outcome or result that may have seemed unlikely or surprising, and it is often accompanied by a sense of satisfaction or accomplishment.

    Origin of "Hey presto"

    The term "hey presto" is derived from the phrase used by magicians during their performances. It is a corruption of the original incantation "hey, presto!" which was used to accompany a magician's reveal of a trick or illusion. The term has since been adopted into everyday language to express suddenness or surprise, as well as completion or success. Its origins in the world of magic give it a sense of theatricality and flair, which is often reflected in its usage in everyday speech. For example, someone might say "I fixed the leaky faucet, and hey presto, no more dripping!" to emphasize the quick and successful resolution of the problem.