guiding star


      • a person or thing that serves as a guiding principle or inspiration
        Referring to someone or something that provides direction, guidance, or inspiration in life or decision-making

      • a source of hope or comfort
        Describing a beacon of hope or a source of comfort in difficult or uncertain times

    Examples of guiding star

    • She is my guiding star in the tough times of life.

      In this example, the idiom 'guiding star' is used to describe a person who helps us navigate through difficult situations in life. The speaker is implying that this person provides them guidance and support during tough times.

    • The company's mission statement is our guiding star for making business decisions.

      Here, 'guiding star' is used to describe an underlying principle, ideology, or goal that serves as a guide for decision making. The company's mission statement is the guiding force that helps the company make informed decisions.

    • Education is our guiding star for a better future.

      This example is a more general usage of the idiom 'guiding star' to describe something that helps us move towards a brighter future. The speaker is implying that education is the key to a better tomorrow.

    • My father's memories are my guiding star during times of need.

      In this example, the speaker is inferring that the memories of their father provide them with guidance and support during challenging times. 'Guiding star' is used to describe a source of comfort and insight.

    • Emily's determination was her guiding star through the rough times of her career.

      Emily's unwavering focus and drive served as a guiding force for her during the unfortunate and difficult periods of her career. This determination helped her navigate through the obstacles and challenges and continued moving forward towards her goals.

    • The bright moonlight was a guiding star for the lost hiker in the dark woods.

      The gentle and shimmering light of the full moon served as a beacon for the lost hiker as he wandered through the unfamiliar and treacherous terrain. The clarity of moonlight led him back to the right path.

    • My mother's wise words have always been my guiding star in both, personal and professional life.

      My mother's pearls of wisdom have always helped me steer in the right direction. Her sage advice has been an illuminating and guiding force for me in all aspects of my life.

    • The glimmering headlight of the car in front of me was my guiding star in the heavy fog.

      The pulsating light of the car headlights brought clarity in an otherwise dense and unclear fog. The headlights served as a guiding light, directing me through the haze.


    The idiom "guiding star" is often used to refer to a person or thing that serves as a beacon of guidance or inspiration in one's life. It can also symbolize a source of hope and comfort during challenging or uncertain moments. This phrase is commonly used to convey the idea of having a guiding principle or source of inspiration that helps navigate life's journey.

    Overall, when someone is described as a "guiding star," it signifies their importance in providing direction, inspiration, and hope in various aspects of life.

    Origin of "guiding star"

    The phrase "guiding star" originates from the concept of a literal star guiding travelers or sailors to their destination. Throughout history, stars have been used as navigational aids, with certain stars like the North Star being particularly reliable for determining direction. The idea of a guiding star has been adopted metaphorically to represent a person or thing that provides guidance and inspiration in one's life journey.

    In literature and poetry, the image of a guiding star has been used to symbolize a constant source of light and direction amidst darkness and confusion. This metaphorical usage has contributed to the enduring popularity of the idiom "guiding star" in conveying the idea of guidance, inspiration, and hope.