guardian angel


      • protect or watch over someone
        Refer to a benevolent supernatural being or individual who is believed to protect and guide a person in their life

      • a person who looks out for someone's best interests
        Describe a person who provides support, help, and guidance to another, often in a challenging or dangerous situation

    Examples of guardian angel

    • Mary's sickly brother was her guardian angel. He would cook and clean for her, run errands, and make sure she was taking her medicine on time. With his constant care, Mary's health gradually improved.

      In this example, "Mary's sickly brother was her guardian angel" is used as a metaphor to describe his dedicated and selfless care for his sister. A guardian angel is a supernatural being that is traditionally believed to watch over and protect a person. By using this idiom, Mary's brother is being compared to a guardian angel for his role in caring for his sister.

    • John's job search seemed hopeless, but he had a guardian angel in his wife. She encouraged him each day, helped him update his resume, and even offered to make some calls on his behalf. Eventually, John received a job offer, and he knew it was all thanks to his wife's unwavering support.

      Here, "John's wife was his guardian angel" is used to highlight her instrumental role in John's job search. A guardian angel is often associated with protective and helpful actions, which is reflected through John's wife's effort to help him find employment.

    • Sarah's passion for learning led her to become a teacher, where she felt as though she had a guardian angel in the form of a mentor. Her mentor provided her with valuable guidance and resources, helping her improve her teaching skills and build confidence in the classroom.

      In this example, " Sarah's mentor was her guardian angel" is a metaphorical way of expressing the valuable influence and support Sarah received from her mentor. A guardian angel is believed to offer assistance and guidance, and Sarah's mentor fulfilled this role for her in a professional setting.

    • The charity organization's volunteers worked tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of the poor in their community. They were seen as the guardian angels of their neighborhood, as they offered help, resources, and hope to those in need.

      In this example, "The charity organization's volunteers were the guardian angels of their neighborhood" is used to emphasize the crucial role these volunteers played in serving their community. A guardian angel is traditionally associated with offering help and protection, which is embodied by the actions of these community-minded volunteers.

    • The little girl was walking alone in the narrow alleyway which was deserted at that hour of the evening. Suddenly, she stopped as she noticed a hand suddenly appearing out of the dark. Frightened and petrified, she screamed and ran looking behind her. It was at that moment that a shadowy figure appeared out of nowhere and guided her out of danger. Later, she remembered feeling a warm and comforting presence all along. She came to know from the police that some stranger had saved her life. She recognized his face and thanked him for being her 'Guardian Angel'.

      In this example, 'Guardian Angel' is being used to denote a person who comes to the rescue of someone in a critical situation by being present in their lives unbeknownst to them. It is used to highlight that such anonymous saviors are like guardian angels who are omnipresent and omniscient, watching over us and protecting us discreetly.

    • After several failed attempts, the new economy startup finally started making a profit. It was a huge sigh of relief for the founders who had invested all their savings and sweat equity into the venture. They breathed a collective sigh of relief since they now knew that their 'Guardian Angel' had finally blessed them with success.

      In this example, the term 'Guardian Angel' is being used metaphorically to denote fortunate circumstances that bring about success. It highlights the fact that even seemingly impossible situations can be turned around by the intervention of a 'Guardian Angel' that brings good tidings.

    • Sarah's father had just passed away, and she was struggling to cope with the grief. However, her husband stepped up to the plate to be her 'Guardian Angel' by taking care of her in every possible way. It was a true relationship in which both partners supported each other through thick and thin.

      In this example, the term 'Guardian Angel' is being used to denote a loving and caring spouse who supports their partner through difficult times. It highlights the fact that sometimes, the ones who are closest to us play the role of 'Guardian Angels' in our lives by being there for us through thick and thin.

    • The school authorities had decided to turn a blind eye to the bullying taking place in the school premises. Considering the fact that the safety of the children was at stake, some parents decided to take matters into their own hands by sending a letter to the school Board demanding action against the bullies. Their actions had a cascading effect, and soon, more and more parents joined hands to demand better safety measures for their children in the school. As a result, the school authorities were forced to take action, and the bullies were punished. The parents were hailed as 'Guardian Angels' by the students and teachers alike for being the change they wanted to see in the school.

      In this example, the term 'Guardian Angel' is being used to denote people who take up a noble cause to bring about positive change in society. It highlights the fact that it takes courage and conviction to stand up against wrongs, and those who do so deserve to be called 'Guardian Angels' for their unwavering commitment towards the betterment of society.


    The idiom "guardian angel" is commonly used to express the idea of protection and guidance, whether it be from a supernatural being or a caring individual. It signifies the presence of someone who watches over and provides support in times of need. This idiom is often used to convey a sense of comfort and reassurance, highlighting the belief in a higher power or in the presence of a caring and protective figure in one's life.

    In everyday language, referring to someone as a "guardian angel" can also express gratitude and appreciation for their support and assistance, acknowledging their role in looking out for the well-being of others. This idiom is used to convey the idea of someone being a source of comfort, protection, and guidance, emphasizing the positive impact that their presence has on the person they are watching over.

    Origin of "guardian angel"

    The origin of the idiom "guardian angel" can be traced back to religious beliefs and traditions. In Christianity, a guardian angel is believed to be a spiritual being assigned to watch over and protect an individual. The concept of guardian angels can be found in various religious texts and teachings, emphasizing the idea of divine protection and guidance.

    The idiom has since evolved to be used in a more figurative sense, referring to any person or entity that provides support and assistance to another. It has become a common expression in everyday language to convey the idea of someone looking out for another's best interests, much like a guardian angel would. The idiom continues to be used to symbolize protection, guidance, and care in various contexts, reflecting the enduring belief in the presence of benevolent forces watching over individuals.