Greased lightning


      • very fast
        To describe something or someone that moves or operates at an extremely high speed, often beyond what is considered normal or expected. It can also be used to describe a person's quick thinking or ability to complete tasks quickly.

      • excitement or enthusiasm
        To express extreme excitement or enthusiasm about something. It can also be used to describe a person's energy or liveliness.

    Examples of Greased lightning

    • The new computer program is like greased lightning - it's incredibly fast and efficient, making tasks that used to take hours now take just a few minutes.

      The idiom "greased lightning" is often used to describe something that moves extremely quickly and with a great amount of ease. In this example, the computer program is being compared to greased lightning because it's able to process tasks at an incredibly fast and efficient pace. This is an example of using the idiom as an adjective to describe the speed and efficiency of the program.

    • The athlete sprinted down the track like greased lightning, leaving the competitors in the dust.

      In this example, the idiom "greased lightning" is being used as a simile to describe the athlete's speed and how quickly they were able to complete the race. The comparison to greased lightning is being made because it's something that moves so fast it's almost impossible to catch up to, just like the athlete in this example left their competitors in the dust.

    • The sales team's new marketing campaign was like greased lightning - it hit the market with such force that it immediately gained traction and started generating leads.

      This example uses the idiom "greased lightning" to describe the speed and effectiveness of the marketing campaign. Just like greased lightning is able to move quickly and make a powerful impact, the marketing campaign was able to instantly gain momentum and start generating leads.

    • The hurricane approached the coast like greased lightning - it moved so quickly that there was no time to evacuate.

      In this final example, the idiom "greased lightning" is being used to describe the speed and destructive force of the hurricane. Like greased lightning, the hurricane moved so quickly that it left little time for people to evacuate, making it a powerful and devastating force.

    • The new CEO is a greased lightning in terms of implementing new strategies and policies. She has a quick and efficient way of getting things done, and her team eagerly follows her lead.

      This idiom is used to describe someone who is incredibly fast and effective at accomplishing their goals. "Greased" refers to making something slippery or smooth, allowing it to move more easily. "Lightning" represents something that is fast and moves quickly. Together, "greased lightning" represents someone or something that moves incredibly quickly and efficiently, like a bolt of lightning that has been made slippery. In this case, the CEO is being compared to greased lightning because she is able to implement new strategies and policies quickly and efficiently, making her team's tasks easier and more efficient.


    The idiom "greased lightning" can be used to convey both literal and figurative meanings of speed and excitement. When used to describe something that moves at a very fast pace, it emphasizes the idea of quickness and efficiency. It can also suggest a sense of awe and admiration towards the subject's speed and agility. On the other hand, when used to express excitement or enthusiasm, it conveys a sense of energy and liveliness, often associated with the feeling of being electrified or energized.

    Origin of "Greased lightning"

    The origin of the idiom "greased lightning" can be traced back to the early 19th century. The phrase "greased lightning" was first used in the 1820s in the United States, during the time of the Industrial Revolution. This phrase was often used to describe the speed and efficiency of new machines and technological advancements that were revolutionizing the way things were done.

    The term "greased lightning" itself refers to a well-known phenomenon of lightning, which is known for its incredible speed and striking impact. By using the word "greased" before "lightning," there is an added emphasis on the speed and slickness of the phenomenon. Over time, this phrase evolved into an idiom and became a popular metaphor for describing anything that moves or operates with exceptional speed and efficiency.

    Examples of this idiom can be found in literature and popular culture, such as in the song "Greased Lightning" from the musical Grease, which describes a fast and flashy car. It has also been used in various other contexts, from sports to business, to convey the idea of incredible speed and agility. Overall, the idiom "greased lightning" has become a commonly used expression to describe anything that is exceptionally fast or exciting.