Go the distance


      • complete a task or journey
        To finish something or reach a goal, even if it requires a lot of effort or time.

      • support someone or something until the end
        To stand by someone or something until the end, even if it becomes difficult or challenging.

      • endure hardship
        To persevere through a difficult situation or struggle until it is resolved.

      • achieve success
        To put in the necessary effort and determination to achieve success.

    Examples of Go the distance

    • She went the distance in the marathon, even though she was exhausted and wanted to quit.

      This idiom means to persevere and finish something, even when it is difficult or challenging. In this example, the runner didn't give up and continued running until the end of the marathon, despite feeling tired and wanting to quit.

    • He went the distance in his career, working hard and climbing the ladder to reach his goals.

      This idiom can also refer to achieving success in a career or profession. The person in this example worked diligently and persisted through the challenges and obstacles to reach his career objectives.

    • They went the distance in their relationship, working through the ups and downs and staying committed to each other.

      This idiom can also be used to describe a long-lasting and committed relationship. The couple in this example faced challenges and difficulties, but they persevered and stayed committed to each other, demonstrating the meaning of "going the distance" in a relationship.

    • The boxer went the distance in the fight, trading blows with his opponent and refusing to back down.

      This idiom is commonly used in sports, particularly boxing, to describe a fight that goes the full distance, meaning all rounds are completed without either fighter being knocked out. In this example, the boxer fought hard and persevered until the end of the fight, demonstrating the meaning of "going the distance" in a boxing match.

    • She went the distance for her family, sacrificing her own needs and desires to provide for and support them.

      This idiom can also be used to describe someone who goes above and beyond for the people they care about. In this example, the person put the needs of her family before her own, demonstrating the meaning of "going the distance" for loved ones.


    "Go the distance" is a versatile idiom that can be used to convey a variety of intentions and meanings. It can represent the idea of completing a task or journey, standing by someone or something until the end, enduring hardship, and achieving success. The common thread among these meanings is the idea of putting in effort, determination, and perseverance to reach a desired outcome.

    In everyday language, this idiom is often used to encourage someone to keep going and not give up, even when faced with challenges or obstacles. It can also be used to describe someone who is dedicated and committed to achieving their goals, no matter how difficult they may be. Overall, "go the distance" is a motivational phrase that emphasizes the importance of persistence and determination in reaching success.

    Origin of "Go the distance"

    The origin of this idiom can be traced back to the sport of boxing. In a boxing match, the distance refers to the number of rounds that a boxer must complete in order to win the match. Therefore, "going the distance" meant enduring until the end of the fight, regardless of how physically and mentally taxing it may be.

    Over time, the idiom began to be used in a broader sense to describe any situation where one must persevere and push through until the end. It has now become a popular phrase used in various contexts, from sports to everyday life, to encourage and motivate others to keep going and not give up.