Go for broke


      • to take a big risk
        Encouraging someone to put all their effort and resources into something, even if it may result in failure or loss. This can also mean to take a bold and decisive action, disregarding any potential negative consequences.

      • to give it one's all
        Encouraging someone to give their maximum effort and not hold back in pursuing a goal or completing a task. This can also mean to go all out and not hold back any energy or resources in achieving success.

    Examples of Go for broke

    • She invested all her savings in the risky startup, determined to go for broke.

      The idiom "go for broke" means to take a big risk, often with high stakes, in the hope of achieving a significant reward. In this example, the woman is putting all her money into the startup, leaving nothing to lose. The phrase "go for broke" comes from the game of craps, where "broke" refers to having no more money to bet. In craps, going for broke involves placing all your chips on the table in a single bet, hoping to win big. In this idiomatic sense, "go for broke" is used more broadly to describe any high-risk, high-reward situation.

    Origin of "Go for broke"