gentle lap


      • to describe a soothing and comforting place or environment
        Refers to a calm and peaceful setting that provides a sense of security and relaxation

      • to suggest a nurturing and caring person
        Describes someone who is kind, tender, and protective, like a gentle mother

    Examples of gentle lap

    • The baby slept peacefully in its mother's gentle lap.

      In this example, 'gentle lap' is used as a phrase to describe a cozy and comfortable place for the baby to sleep. It represents the warmth, support, and tenderness of a mother's embrace.

    • The kitten curled up in the old armchair, finding a gentle lap in the soft cushions.

      Here, 'gentle lap' is employed to describe a soft and snuggly resting place for the kitten, which is provided by the cushions of an armchair. It portrays the comfort and coziness that the kitten experiences while nestling in the cushions.

    • The horse trotted around the ring, obeying the gentle lap of the reins in the rider's hands.

      In this example, 'gentle lap' is used metaphorically to describe the delicacy and control that the rider exerts over the horse's movement via the reins. It depicts the rider's ability to guide and steer the horse with calmness and composure.

    • The boat gently rocked in the lap of the tranquil sea.

      Here, 'gentle lap' is employed to describe the motion of the boat, which is influenced by the calm and peaceful sea. It illustrates the soothing and calming power of the ocean, which rocked the boat in a gentle and restful manner.

    • The old horse seemed to find solace in the gentle lap of the field. It would graze leisurely, its eyes half-closed, as if lost in a peaceful dream.

      Here, "gentle lap" is used as a metaphor for the tranquil and restful atmosphere of the field. The horse, which appears tired or weary, finds comfort in this calming environment.

    • The babbling stream flowed gently into the lap of the pond. The water rippled peacefully, reflecting the lush green trees that surrounded it.

      In this example, "gentle lap" is employed to describe the gradual and unhurried way the stream entered the pond. It also implies the tranquil atmosphere of the pond, which is nurtured by the gentle flow of the stream.

    • The loving mother cradled her newborn in the gentle lap of her arms. She could feel the warmth of the baby's body, and the softness of its skin as she held it close.

      This example uses "gentle lap" to connote the nurturing and protective nature of a mother's embrace. It denotes the tenderness and care with which the mother holds her infant.

    • The author's words fell softly into the gentle lap of my mind. I found myself lost in their beauty and wisdom, as if carried away by a gentle stream.

      This expression is employed to illustrate the way in which a writer's words were received and absorbed by the listener. It implies that the words were delivered in a soothing and contemplative manner, which facilitated their uptake and understanding.


    The idiom "gentle lap" is used to convey a sense of comfort and security, either in a physical or emotional context. It can refer to a peaceful and soothing environment or to a person who is caring and nurturing. When someone talks about a "gentle lap," they are often describing a place or individual that makes them feel safe and relaxed. It is a term used to express comfort and protection.

    Origin of "gentle lap"

    The origin of the idiom "gentle lap" can be traced back to the image of a mother's lap. The idea of a mother's lap being a place of safety and comfort is a universal concept that transcends cultures and languages. The warmth and tenderness associated with a mother's lap have made it a symbol of love and protection.

    In literature and poetry, the image of a "gentle lap" has been used to evoke feelings of security and tranquility. It is a metaphor for a place of solace and care, where one can find respite from the troubles of the world. The idiom has become a common expression to describe a place or person that provides a sense of calm and reassurance.