gentle giant


      • describe someone as physically large but kind and gentle in nature
        Portray someone who may seem intimidating due to their size, but is actually very kind-hearted and compassionate

      • symbolize a powerful and formidable force that is also benevolent
        Refer to a person or entity that wields great influence or strength, yet uses it in a positive and nurturing way

    Examples of gentle giant

    • The wide-shouldered rugby player was a gentle giant on the field. He hardly ever tackled opponents with force, preferring to use his size and strength only when absolutely necessary.

      A "gentle giant" is a large, imposing person who is surprisingly gentle and unaggressive in nature. The idiom is commonly used to describe individuals who have an incredibly big build but are peaceful and non-violent, such as a well-built rugby player who plays with a gentle and non-violent approach. In the example above, the rugby player is described as a "gentle giant" because, despite his size and strength, he rarely uses force in his gameplay, preferring to play in a more gentle and restrained manner.

    • The basketball player, who was over 7 feet tall, was a gentle giant. His gentle demeanor and kind heart made him a favorite among his teammates.

      This idiom refers to someone who is physically large but has a gentle and kind personality. It is often used to describe tall, athletic individuals who are known for their kindness and gentleness rather than their size and strength. The basketball player in this example is a gentle giant because, despite being very tall, he is known for his kindness and gentleness.

    • The librarian, who was over 6 feet tall, was a gentle giant. Her quiet demeanor and passion for literature made her a revered figure in the community.

      Here, the idiom is being used to describe someone who is taller than average but is known for their quiet and gentle nature. In this case, the librarian's height may have initially intimidated some people, but her quiet and gentle demeanor quickly won people over.

    • The actor, who was over 250 pounds, was a gentle giant. His kind heart and gentle manner made him a beloved figure in the industry.

      This idiom is being used to describe someone who is physically large but has a gentle and caring personality. In this example, the actor's size may have initially seemed intimidating, but his kind heart and gentle manner quickly won people over.

    • The teacher, who was over 6 feet tall, was a gentle giant in the classroom. Her kind words and gentle touch made her students feel safe and loved.

      This idiom is being used to describe someone who is tall but has a gentle and caring personality. In this case, the teacher's height may have initially seemed intimidating to some students, but her kind words and gentle touch quickly won them over.

    • The CEO of the company, who was tall and broad-shouldered, was often referred to as a "gentle giant" by his employees. His imposing figure belied his soft-spoken nature and kind-heartedness.

      This idiom describes someone who is physically large but has a gentle and mild-mannered personality. It suggests that the person may come across as intimidating at first due to their size, but upon getting to know them, one realizes that they are actually a kind and gentle individual.

    • The giraffe at the zoo was a "gentle giant" in the true sense of the word. Despite being the tallest land animal in the world and weighing over 2000 pounds, it was incredibly gentle and would let the children feed it leaves right from its mouth.

      This example showcases how the idiom is used to describe a large animal that is generally gentle and does not pose a threat to others.

    • The scholarship program for underprivileged students at the university was a "gentle giant" that aimed to make education accessible to all. Although it was not as well-known as some of the other more prestigious programs, it had a significant impact on the lives of its beneficiaries.

      This example depicts how the idiom can be used to describe an institution or an initiative that may not be well-known but is still highly beneficial and impactful, much like a gentle giant that may not be too visible but still makes a significant difference.


    The idiom "gentle giant" is used to describe individuals who possess both physical strength and a kind, compassionate nature. It is a way to highlight the contrast between someone's imposing appearance and their gentle, considerate demeanor. This phrase is often used to convey that true strength lies not just in physical power but also in emotional intelligence and kindness. It can also be employed to emphasize the positive impact that someone with great influence or authority can have when they choose to use it for good.

    In everyday conversations, "gentle giant" may be used to describe a person, animal, or even an organization that embodies both power and benevolence. It serves as a reminder that outward appearances can be deceiving, and that true character is revealed through actions and intentions. This idiom is a way to acknowledge and appreciate individuals who possess a unique combination of strength and gentleness, making them stand out in a world that often values one over the other.

    Origin of "gentle giant"

    The origin of the idiom "gentle giant" can be traced back to ancient folklore and mythology. In many cultures, there are stories of larger-than-life figures who, despite their imposing size, exhibit kindness and compassion towards others. These tales often serve as moral lessons, teaching that true strength is not just about physical might but also about how one uses that strength.

    In modern times, the idiom "gentle giant" has become a popular way to describe individuals who defy stereotypes and expectations. It is a term of endearment that celebrates those who possess a unique combination of power and kindness. Whether used to describe a friend, a pet, or a public figure, "gentle giant" continues to evoke a sense of admiration for those who embody both strength and gentleness in equal measure.