Forty winks


      • take a short nap
        To express the need or desire to rest briefly, usually during the day or while working, in order to recharge and increase alertness and productivity.

      • dismiss something as unimportant
        To indicate that something is not worth worrying about or paying attention to, especially in a casual or nonchalant manner.

      • sleep
        To refer to the act of sleeping, usually in a light or brief manner.

    Examples of Forty winks

    • Sarah said she just needed forty winks before starting her presentation.

      Sarah means she only needs a short nap, around twenty to thirty minutes, before she starts her presentation. "Forty winks" is an idiom that refers to a short nap, implying it's only for a brief period of time.

    • The teacher suggested that students can take forty winks during their lunch break.

      Here, "forty winks" is used to mean a short nap, taken during lunchtime. It's a break that's short but adequate for a quick power nap.

    • John's friend joked that he will get forty winks every time he hears John's new alarm sound.

      This example uses the idiom in a humorous way, suggesting that John's new alarm sound is annoying and will make his friend fall asleep.

    • Mark announced that he won't sleep for forty winks until his project is finished.

      This example uses the idiom "forty winks" in a different way, implying that Mark won't sleep at all until he finishes his project. Here, "forty winks" is used as a figure of speech to mean no sleep at all.

    • After a long day at work, Sarah decided to take forty winks before starting her household chores.

      In this example, "forty winks" is used to describe a short nap, usually taken during the day. Sarah is using this idiom to explain that she plans to take a quick nap before resuming her other activities.

    • John's friend suggested that he should take forty winks instead of drinking too much coffee to stay awake during his night shift.

      In this example, "forty winks" is recommended as an alternative to staying awake by drinking too much coffee, as it suggests that a quick nap is a better way to refresh oneself instead of overdosing on caffeine.

    • The nurse told the patient that she could take forty winks after her surgery, and she would wake up feeling more rejuvenated.

      In this example, "forty winks" is used to describe a short nap taken by a patient after undergoing surgery, as it helps to recover and regenerate. The use of this idiom portrays the idea that the nap will help the patient feel more energetic and less fatigue or pain after the operation.

    • Mark planned to catch forty winks in his car during his daily commute to work.

      In this example, "forty winks" is employed to describe a short nap taken in a car, while commuting to work. This idiom is used when an individual needs to stay alert throughout the day but has a tiresome commute. The use of this idiom indicates that taking a quick nap can help in reviving and staying awake during the commute.

    Origin of "Forty winks"