Feather in your cap


      • Achievement or success
        To celebrate or acknowledge a personal accomplishment or success, often in a public or boastful manner

      • Honor or recognition
        To receive praise or recognition for something that one has done or achieved

    Examples of Feather in your cap

    • After acing the final exam, Sarah felt like she had a feather in her cap.

      This idiom means that Sarah had achieved something noteworthy or impressive, and felt a sense of pride and accomplishment as a result. The feather in her cap is a symbolic representation of this achievement, and is often used to describe a person's professional or academic success. In Sarah's case, passing the exam with flying colors was a feather in her cap that she could be proud of.


    The idiom "feather in your cap" is often used to convey a sense of pride and accomplishment. It is typically used when someone has achieved something noteworthy or has been recognized for their efforts. The phrase can also carry a sense of honor and prestige, as if the person wearing the feather has earned a special badge of honor.

    In a more literal sense, a feather in one's cap could refer to an actual feather worn in one's cap as a decoration or symbol of accomplishment. This practice dates back to medieval times when knights would add feathers to their helmets as a symbol of their victories in battle. Over time, the feather became associated with success and achievement in general, and the phrase "feather in your cap" became a common idiom to express this sentiment.

    Origin of "Feather in your cap"

    The origin of the idiom "feather in your cap" is often attributed to the European tradition of adding feathers to one's cap or hat as a symbol of honor or achievement. In fact, the phrase was first recorded in English in the early 16th century, with the earliest known use appearing in a poem by Sir Thomas Moore titled "Of a Mayde that wolde marye a Knyght."

    The popularity of the phrase increased in the 19th century, with its use in literature and songs. In the United States, the phrase was used in political campaigns to refer to accomplishments of a candidate, and it eventually became a well-known idiom in everyday language.

    Today, the idiom "feather in your cap" continues to be used to express pride and recognition for one's achievements, both in a literal and figurative sense. It can also be used in a sarcastic or ironic manner, to downplay someone's accomplishments or to mock someone's boastfulness. Overall, the phrase remains a powerful symbol of success and recognition in the English language.