Faith will move mountains


      • inspire hope and perseverance
        Encourage someone to stay positive and continue striving towards a goal, reminding them that with faith and determination, even the most difficult obstacles can be overcome

      • express the power of belief
        Emphasize the incredible strength and impact of one's beliefs and convictions, suggesting that with enough faith, seemingly impossible tasks can be achieved

    Examples of Faith will move mountains

    • Sarah's unwavering faith helped her overcome her illness and heal her body, proving that faith truly has the power to move mountains.

      This idiom implies that when one has strong beliefs in something, it can have a major impact and help them achieve remarkable things, even seemingly impossible ones. In Sarah's case, her faith helped her to persevere through her illness and ultimately, led to her recovery.

    • The lead actor's remarkable performance in the play moved the audience to tears, making them believe that anything was possible, even moving mountains.

      This idiom can also be used to describe the impact of something that evokes strong emotions or beliefs in people. The lead actor's performance in this case, was so powerful that it moved the audience to a state of overwhelming emotion, making them believe that anything is possible.

    • The company's innovative ideas and dedication led to their success, demonstrating that with faith and hard work, mountains can be moved.

      This idiom highlights the importance of faith, alongside other qualities like hard work, in achieving great things. The company's success was the result of their faith in their ideas and their unwavering dedication to steadily working towards their goals, ultimately leading them to move the mountain that was their competition.

    • The athlete's persistence and faith in her training led to her stunning victory, demonstrating that faith and hard work truly can move mountains.

      In this example, the idiom is used to describe the incredible impact of hard work and faith in achieving a long-term, large-scale achievement. The athlete's faith in her training, coupled with her intense persistence, made the seemingly impossible victory, possible.

    • Sarah knew that her mother's cancer diagnosis was a massive obstacle, but her faith gave her the strength to believe that the doctors could cure her mother. Their faith moved the mountain of fear and uncertainty, bringing about a positive outcome for Sarah's mother.

      The phrase "Faith will move mountains" is a figurative expression that means having strong faith can help people overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. It implies that faith can provide the necessary power, courage, and conviction to overcome challenges that would otherwise appear insurmountable.

    • When Mark's business was failing, he faced a mountain of debt and uncertainty. However, he kept the faith and continued to work hard, believing that his efforts would eventually pay off. And they did! His faith moved the mountain of failure, and his business became a success.

      This example shows how having faith can give people the resilience and perseverance needed to see through challenges and obstacles. It implies that faith can help people remain optimistic and persistent even when faced with seemingly insurmountable difficulties.

    • Even in the face of adversity, the community's faith remained steadfast. They believed that their town's future was not a mountain too high to climb, but a challenge to overcome. Their faith moved the mountains of doubt, instilling hope and courage in their hearts.

      This example highlights how faith can unite people and give them a shared sense of purpose. It suggests that faith can inspire people to work together and believe in something greater than themselves, helping them overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges.

    • During the natural disaster, the relief efforts were slow, and the area's infrastructure was destroyed. However, the community's faith remained strong, and they believed that help would eventually arrive. Their faith moved the mountain of despair, providing them with the hope and courage needed to rebuild.

      This example shows how faith can provide people with the resilience and hope needed to overcome crisis situations. It implies that faith can help people remain optimistic and persevere even when faced with seemingly insurmountable difficulties.


    This idiom is often used to inspire and motivate others by highlighting the importance of faith and perseverance in overcoming challenges. It conveys a sense of hope and determination, reminding individuals that with the right mindset, they can achieve great things.

    Origin of "Faith will move mountains"

    The origin of this idiom can be traced back to a biblical reference found in the New Testament of the Bible. In Matthew 17:20, Jesus says, "Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." This statement is often interpreted to mean that with strong faith, one can accomplish seemingly impossible tasks.

    Over time, this phrase evolved into the idiom "faith will move mountains" and has been used in various contexts to convey the power of belief and perseverance. It has become a popular saying, used in motivational speeches, literature, and everyday conversations, to inspire and uplift others.