Drop-dead gorgeous


      • describe physical beauty
        To describe someone or something that is extremely beautiful or attractive in appearance. Can be used in a sarcastic or exaggerated manner.

      • emphasize attractiveness
        To emphasize the level of beauty or attractiveness in a particular person or thing, often in comparison to others.

    Examples of Drop-dead gorgeous

    • The supermodel struts down the runway in a red gown, stopping traffic and causing jaws to drop. She's truly drop-dead gorgeous.

      This idiom is used to describe someone's unparalleled and breathtaking beauty. It implies that the person is so stunning that they could cause someone to die from being overwhelmed by their attractiveness.

    • The actress lit up the screen with her natural beauty and grace. She was drop-dead gorgeous in every scene.

      Here, the idiom is used to describe the actress's beauty in a specific context, in this case, her performance on screen.

    • The wedding dress was a sight to be seen, intricately beaded and draped in a way that made the bride drop-dead gorgeous.

      In this example, the idiom is being used to describe the beauty and allure of the wedding dress itself. This use of the idiom is particularly unique as it is applied to an inanimate object.

    • He couldn't take his eyes off her - she was drop-dead gorgeous, with sparkling green eyes and a smile that could light up a room.

      This example illustrates how the idiom can be used when referring to a person's overall appearance, from their eyes and smile to their entire demeanor.

    • She turns heads wherever she goes - her outfits are stylish, her hair is flawless, and she's drop-dead gorgeous.

      This example shows the idiom being used to describe a woman who is incredibly attractive that people stop and stare at her. 'Drop-dead' here means 'completely and utterly' or 'incredibly'.

    • The actress was drop-dead gorgeous in her red gown at the awards ceremony.

      Here, the idiom is used to describe how stunning the actress looked at the awards ceremony. The red gown added to her overall beauty making her drop-dead gorgeous.

    • After months of hard work, the new building was drop-dead gorgeous - the architect's skill, materials used, and design were all stunning.

      This example expands the usage of the idiom from just referencing people's beauty to describe the end-result of something as drop-dead gorgeous. The architect's skill in combining materials and design produced a stunning building, making it drop-dead gorgeous.

    • The painting hanging on my friend's wall is drop-dead gorgeous, it's so lifelike and realistic that it's almost too good to be true.

      Here, the idiom 'drop-dead gorgeous' is used to describe something other than a person or building. The painting's hyper-realistic depiction of a scene is breathtaking, making it the perfect way to describe the artwork. The phrase 'drop-dead gorgeous' fits this situation particularly well, as it's both a compliment and a sense of surprise or shock, emphasizing how impressive the painting is.


    The idiom "drop-dead gorgeous" is used to describe someone or something that is extremely attractive in appearance. It can be used in a literal sense to describe a person who is physically beautiful, or in a sarcastic or exaggerated manner to emphasize their attractiveness.

    The phrase can also be used to compare the level of beauty or attractiveness between individuals or things, with the person or thing being described as "drop-dead gorgeous" being seen as the most attractive or beautiful in the group.

    Origin of "Drop-dead gorgeous"

    The origin of this idiom is uncertain, but it is believed to have emerged in the late 19th or early 20th century. One theory suggests that it may have originated from the phrase "drop dead" which was used as a curse or insult towards someone, but over time, the word "gorgeous" was added to soften the harshness of the phrase.

    Another theory suggests that the idiom may have come from the world of fashion, where models and celebrities were often described as "drop-dead gorgeous" on the runway or in magazines.

    Regardless of its exact origin, the idiom has become a popular and commonly used phrase in modern English, often used to express admiration or envy for someone or something's physical beauty.