Drill down


      • Investigate deeply
        To thoroughly and carefully examine a topic or issue, often with the intention of uncovering new information or insights.

      • Focus on details
        To concentrate on the finer details or specifics of a situation or problem, often in order to fully understand it or find a solution.

      • Increase intensity
        To intensify or increase the pressure or seriousness of a situation or task.

    Examples of Drill down

    • The company needs to drill down into the sales data to identify the specific regions where we are losing market share.

      The idiom "drill down" is used in the context of analyzing data to extract detailed insights. It refers to the process of progressively delving deeper into a specific area or aspect of the data to uncover hidden patterns or trends. In this example, the company is using this idiom to indicate that they need to examine the sales data in great detail, focusing on specific regions, to determine where they are losing market share.


    The idiom "drill down" can have multiple meanings, all of which revolve around the concept of delving deeper into a subject or situation. It can be used to convey the idea of investigating or examining something thoroughly, focusing on specific details, or increasing the intensity of a task or situation.

    In the first meaning, "drill down" is often used to describe the act of conducting in-depth research or analysis. This could be in a professional or academic setting, where one is trying to gather as much information as possible about a topic. It could also be used in a colloquial sense, such as when someone is trying to learn more about a particular hobby or interest.

    The second meaning of "drill down" refers to a more specific and detailed examination of a subject or problem. This could be used in a brainstorming or problem-solving context, where individuals are encouraged to focus on the smaller details in order to gain a better understanding of the bigger picture.

    Lastly, "drill down" can also be used to describe increasing the intensity or urgency of a situation or task. This could be in a work setting, where a project needs to be completed quickly and efficiently, or in a personal context, where someone is trying to accomplish a goal or overcome a challenge.

    Origin of "Drill down"

    The origin of the idiom "drill down" can be traced back to the 1800s, when the word "drill" was commonly used to describe the act of drilling into the ground or a surface. This was often done in the context of mining or construction, where workers would use drills to extract or create holes.

    Over time, the term "drill down" evolved to also mean delving deeper into a subject or problem. This could be due to the idea of drilling deeper into the ground in search of valuable resources, or the physical act of drilling into a surface to uncover hidden information.

    Today, the idiom "drill down" is commonly used in both formal and informal contexts, and has become a popular phrase to describe the act of thorough investigation or examination.