deep connection


      • strong emotional bond
        Describing a close and profound relationship between two people or things

      • profound understanding
        Referring to a deep level of comprehension or insight into a subject or concept

    Examples of deep connection

    • The lead singer of the band shared a deep connection with the audience during their concert, as if they were all part of one big family.

      This idiom is used to describe a strong emotional bond between two or more people, where they feel a sense of closeness and intimacy. In this example, the singer's intensity and passion on stage created a profound sense of unity between themselves and the audience, as if they were all connected through a shared experience.

    • Sarah and Tom have a deep connection, having grown up together and shared every major milestone in their lives.

      This idiom can also refer to a longstanding relationship that has developed over time, built upon a foundation of shared experiences and memories. In this instance, Sarah and Tom's friendship dates back to their childhood, cementing a deep emotional bond that continues to flourish today.

    • The therapist urged her patient to explore the deeper connections they had formed with their loved ones, as a means of healing from emotional wounds.

      This idiom is often used in a therapeutic context, where it can be employed to encourage individuals to examine the more complex and nuanced aspects of their relationships. By exploring the deeper emotional connections they share with others, patients may gain valuable insights into their own personal growth and development.

    • The athletes displayed a deep connection with the sport, as evidenced by their intense focus and concentration during the game.

      In addition to describing a bond between people, this idiom can also be used to convey a sense of intimacy between individuals and their passions or pursuits. In this instance, the athletes' complete immersion in their chosen sport serves as a testament to the deep emotional connections they have formed with it.

    • There is a deep connection between music and emotions.

      This idiom refers to a strong and significant relationship between two things. In this case, it suggests that music has a powerful impact on our emotions, and that there is a close and meaningful link between the two.

    • She has a deep connection with nature, spending hours exploring the woods behind her house.

      This idiom highlights the idea that someone feels a strong bond or affiliation with something. Here, it means that this person has a profound and intimate relationship with the natural world around her, evidenced by her love and appreciation for nature.

    • After years of therapy, they finally felt a deep connection with themselves.

      This idiom can also imply a sense of self-awareness or inner understanding. In this context, it suggests that through therapy, the individuals in question have come to know themselves better and have developed a strong and intimate relationship with their own thoughts, feelings, and identity.

    • Their deep connection with their community led them to start a local charity.

      This idiom shows how a meaningful relationship can create a positive impact on others. Here, it means that the individuals in question feel a strong bond with their community, and that this relationship has inspired them to give back and make a difference through their philanthropic endeavors.


    The idiom "deep connection" is often used to signify a close emotional bond or a profound understanding between individuals or ideas. It can convey a sense of intimacy, trust, and mutual respect in relationships. Additionally, it may indicate a strong level of empathy and shared experiences. When used in a context of understanding, it suggests a thorough grasp of a topic or concept.

    In everyday conversations, people might use this phrase to express the depth of their relationships or the level of understanding they have with someone or something. It can be employed both in personal interactions and professional settings to highlight the significance of a bond or knowledge.

    Origin of "deep connection"

    The origin of the idiom "deep connection" can be traced back to the concept of depth as a measure of closeness or intensity. The word "deep" has long been associated with profoundness or thoroughness in various contexts. When combined with "connection," it creates a powerful image of a strong and meaningful link between entities.

    The idiom likely evolved from the human need for meaningful relationships and connections, both emotionally and intellectually. Throughout history, people have sought deeper connections with others to foster understanding, trust, and companionship. As language developed, the phrase "deep connection" emerged as a concise way to encapsulate the idea of strong emotional bonds and profound understanding. Today, it continues to be a popular expression to convey the depth of relationships and knowledge.