Crown jewels


      • highly valuable possessions or assets
        Referring to items that are considered to be the most important or cherished possessions or assets of an individual or organization. These are often seen as symbolic representations of wealth, power, or prestige.

      • something treasured or coveted
        Describing something that is highly prized or desired by someone. This can refer to material possessions, achievements, or even personal qualities.

      • a person's most important or defining characteristics
        Used to describe the qualities or traits that make a person unique or stand out. This can refer to both positive and negative qualities.

    Examples of Crown jewels

    • The company's patents are considered their crown jewels, as they are the most valuable and valuable assets they possess.

      In the context of business, "crown jewels" refers to the most important, valuable, and crucial assets or resources that a company owns. These assets are so significant that their loss could have a severe impact on the company's operations and bottom line. Patents, which offer legal protection and exclusive rights to use and commercialize innovative technologies, are often considered crown jewels, as they provide a competitive advantage over rival companies in the industry.

    • Her medical degree is her crown jewels, as it has allowed her to build a successful career and earn a high salary.

      In a personal context, "crown jewels" can also refer to something that is incredibly valuable and important to an individual. In this example, the person's medical degree is her crown jewels because it has granted her the knowledge, skills, and credentials necessary to excel in her chosen field of work, which has, in turn, led to a rewarding and lucrative career.

    • The painting discovered in the attic was the family's crown jewels, as it turned out to be a masterpiece by a famous artist.

      In this example, "crown jewels" is used to describe a valuable and rare item that holds significant sentimental or financial value to a particular group or individual. Here, the painting that was hidden away in the attic is the family's crown jewels because it turned out to be a priceless work of art by a renowned artist, which could potentially fetch a high price at auction or significantly boost the family's prestige and reputation.

    • The government's defense technologies are considered their crown jewels, as they are critical for the protection and security of the nation.

      The use of "crown jewels" in this example highlights the strategic and vital role that advanced defense technologies play in safeguarding a country's sovereignty and national interests. These technologies could include cutting-edge weapons systems, sensitive intelligence gathering techniques, and other closely guarded military secrets. It is essential to keep such technologies secure and safeguarded as the loss of these crown jewels could put an entire nation at serious risk.

    • The president's speeches are considered the crown jewels of American diplomacy.

      In this example, "crown jewels" is used to refer to something of great value and prestige, in this case, the speeches of the president. The expression is used metaphorically, as a king or queen's crown jewels are their most prized possessions.

    • The company's intellectual property is their crown jewels, and they will do everything in their power to protect it.

      Here, "crown jewels" reflects the most important and valuable possessions of a company, which in this context is their intellectual property, such as patents, trademarks, and trade secrets.

    • As the senator's political career progressed, his reputation became his crown jewels, which he carefully nurtured and protected.

      The phrase "crown jewels" here refers to the senator's reputation, which is a valuable asset and a source of prestige. The expression highlights the significance of the reputation as a vital possession that must be guarded and preserved.

    • The invention of the internet may be the crown jewels of modern technology, but its impact on society is still being evaluated.

      In this example, "crown jewels" is employed to depict something magnificent and essential in the modern technological landscape, such as the internet. The phrase underlines the importance of the invention, emphasizing its significance in our society.


    The idiom "crown jewels" has multiple meanings, all of which revolve around the concept of value and importance. It can refer to highly valuable possessions or assets, something that is treasured or coveted, or a person's most defining characteristics.

    In the first sense, "crown jewels" is often used in a literal sense to describe the jewels and other valuable items that make up a royal family's collection. These items are seen as symbols of wealth, power, and prestige, and are often heavily guarded and protected.

    In a more figurative sense, "crown jewels" can refer to anything that is highly prized or desired by someone. This can range from material possessions such as a house or car, to achievements like winning an award or reaching a personal goal. It can even refer to personal qualities or traits that are seen as valuable, such as intelligence, kindness, or creativity.

    Overall, the idiom "crown jewels" is used to convey a sense of high value and importance, whether it be in regards to physical possessions, personal achievements, or defining characteristics.

    Origin of "Crown jewels"

    The origin of the idiom "crown jewels" can be traced back to the ancient practice of monarchs wearing a crown as a symbol of their power and status. These crowns were often adorned with precious jewels and gems, making them highly valuable and sought after.

    Over time, the term "crown jewels" came to be used in a more figurative sense to describe anything that is highly valuable or cherished. It is also possible that the phrase was influenced by the phrase "jewels in the crown," which referred to territories or colonies that were of great value to a country.

    Today, the idiom "crown jewels" continues to be used to describe anything of great value or importance, whether it be tangible possessions or intangible qualities.