Cor blimey


      • surprise or shock
        Expressing surprise or shock, similar to "Oh my goodness" or "Wow"

      • emphasis
        Adding emphasis to a statement, often used in a sarcastic or exaggerated manner

      • disbelief or skepticism
        Expressing disbelief or skepticism towards something that has been said or done

      • irritation or annoyance
        Expressing irritation or annoyance towards a situation or person

    Examples of Cor blimey

    • "Cor blimey, have you seen the size of that burger? I could feed a small village with that!"

      This idiom is used here to express surprise or amazement at the sheer size of the burger. "Cor blimey" is a British slang phrase that can be translated literally to "God's truth" or "good believe". In this context, it is used to emphasize the speaker's surprise and disbelief at the size of the burger.

    • "Cor blimey, I didn't expect to run into you here! What a coincidence!"

      This idiom is being used to express surprise at encountering someone unexpectedly. "Cor blimey" is being used here to add emphasis to the speaker's surprise.

    • "Cor blimey, I'm terrible at puzzles. I've been stuck on this one for hours!"

      This idiom is being used here to express frustration and disappointment at not being able to solve a puzzle. "Cor blimey" is being used in this context to emphasize the intensity of the speaker's feelings.

    • "Cor blimey, it's so quiet in here! I could hear a pin drop!"

      This idiom is being used here to express the extreme quietness of a place. "Cor blimey" is being used to add emphasis to the speaker's surprise at the extreme silence. The phrase "I could hear a pin drop" is a classic English idiom that means that the place is so quiet that sounds as small as the sound of a pin dropping can be heard.

    • Cor blimey, have you heard the latest news about Elon Musk's SpaceX launching a Tesla Roadster into space?

      "Cor blimey" is an expression commonly used in British English, particularly by men, to express surprise, amazement, or delight. In this example, the speaker is using "Cor blimey" to convey his amazement and excitement about the unexpected news regarding Elon Musk's SpaceX launch.

    • Cor blimey, it's been raining non-stop for three days straight!

      In this example, the speaker is using "Cor blimey" to emphasize the long and continuous duration of the rainfall.

    • Cor blimey, that burger looks absolutely delicious!

      Here, the speaker is using "Cor blimey" to express his delight at the appearance and possible taste of the burger.

    • Cor blimey, I can't believe I just won the lottery!

      In this example, the speaker is using "Cor blimey" to articulate his surprise and disbelief at having won the lottery. The idiom's use in different parts of the sentence, such as at the beginning, middle, or end, adds variety and creativity to its application.


    The idiom "cor blimey" is a versatile expression that can convey a range of emotions such as surprise, emphasis, disbelief, and irritation. It is often used in informal or colloquial speech, and its usage may vary depending on the context and tone of the conversation.

    Origin of "Cor blimey"

    The origin of the idiom "cor blimey" is believed to be a contraction of the phrase "God blind me," which was a popular expression in Cockney English in the 19th century. It was typically used as an oath or exclamation, similar to other phrases such as "God bless me" or "God damn me."

    The term "cor blimey" gained popularity in the early 20th century, especially among working-class Londoners, and it became a common phrase in British slang. It is often used as a lighthearted and humorous expression, and it has been featured in various forms of media and entertainment, including literature, films, and television shows.

    Today, the idiom "cor blimey" is still widely used in British English, and it has even gained recognition and usage in other English-speaking countries. It has become a part of the cultural identity of London and is often associated with the city's vibrant and colorful street culture.