Clean Swipe


      • steal
        To take something that does not belong to you, especially in a quick and stealthy manner

      • complete victory
        To achieve a decisive and overwhelming success or triumph in a competition or endeavor

    Examples of Clean Swipe

    • The CEO made a clean swipe at the competition during the press conference, leaving them speechless with his confident and convincing arguments.

      This idiom is used when someone makes a clear and decisive attack or criticism against their opponents without leaving any room for counterargument. 'Clean' means that it is clear and effective, and 'swipe' refers to a quick, decisive action, typically used in sports to describe a powerful and decisive move.

    • The prospective student aced the entrance exam, making a clean swipe at the competition with her impressive grades and extracurricular achievements, leaving the selection committee with no doubt about her admission.

      Here, the idiom is used to describe a person who excels in a competition, outperforming their competitors and leaving them behind.

    • The detective was able to clean swipe the robbery case, solving all the clues and identifying the culprits, leaving the courtroom impressed and satisfied.

      'Clean swipe' is also used when someone is able to solve a complicated problem or mystery quickly and efficiently, leaving little evidence for doubt or further investigation.

    • The athlete made a clean swipe at the ball, hitting it out of the park with accuracy and force, leaving the crowds cheering and amazed.

      In this example, the idiom refers to someone who is able to hit a ball or perform a action with ease and precision, leaving the audience impressed and in awe.

    • The attorney made a clean swipe in court, convincing the judge and jury with his compelling argument.

      In this context, "clean swipe" refers to a successful and decisive action or move. The attorney's persuasive argument was a clean and effective swipe that left no doubt about his client's innocence.

    • The athlete made a clean swipe at the ball but missed, much to her disappointment.

      Here, "clean swipe" means a powerful and precise strike or hit that just happens to miss its target. The athlete's swing was forceful and well-placed but unfortunately, the ball eluded her grip.

    • She wiped the slate clean and started afresh, determined to leave her past mistakes behind.

      "Clean swipe" can also represent erasing or removing something completely, as in this example. The woman cleared the slate of her old errors and began anew with a clean and unburdened start.

    • The painter made a clean swipe across the canvas, sweeping away the unfinished portion in one swift motion.

      In this case, "clean swipe" takes on a more literal meaning, as the painter cleaned the canvas by wiping it clean. The phrase here highlights the powerful motion involved in such a task.


    The idiom "clean swipe" can be used to refer to either stealing something or achieving a complete victory. In the context of stealing, it implies doing so in a quick and sneaky manner, while in the context of victory, it signifies a decisive and overwhelming success.

    Origin of "Clean Swipe"

    The origin of the idiom "clean swipe" can be traced back to the idea of swift and thorough action. The word "clean" implies that the action of swiping or taking is done neatly and without leaving any evidence behind. This could be related to the notion of a clean and smooth movement, suggesting that the act of taking or winning is done efficiently and effectively.

    In the context of stealing, "clean swipe" may have originated from the idea of swiftly taking something without being caught or leaving any traces. In the context of achieving victory, it may have evolved from the concept of making a decisive and flawless move that leads to a complete triumph. Overall, the idiom "clean swipe" conveys the idea of swift and thorough action, whether it be in the context of stealing or achieving victory.