Chow down


      • to eat
        To consume food, often quickly or with great enthusiasm

      • to eat a large amount of food
        To eat a large amount of food in one sitting, often in a hurried or voracious manner

    Examples of Chow down


      The idiom "chow down" is commonly used to indicate the act of eating. It can be used in a casual or informal manner, and is often associated with consuming a large amount of food. The phrase can also imply a sense of urgency or enthusiasm towards eating, suggesting a strong appetite or enjoyment of food.

      Origin of "Chow down"

      The origin of this idiom is unclear, but it is believed to have originated in the mid-20th century in the United States. The word "chow" has its roots in the Chinese word "chow chow," which refers to food or a meal. It is possible that the phrase evolved from this term, as it became more commonly used in American English.

      Another theory suggests that the phrase may have originated from military slang, as "chow" was used to refer to food in the military. The term "chow down" may have been used to encourage soldiers to quickly eat their rations.

      Regardless of its exact origin, "chow down" has become a widely used idiom in modern English, used to express the act of eating in a casual and playful manner. It has also been adapted into other forms, such as "chow time" or "chow fest," to convey the idea of a meal or food-related event.