• attract someone's attention
      To use body language, gestures or verbal cues to draw someone's attention to you or something around you

    • be noticeable or stand out
      To be easily seen or noticed by someone, often due to a distinctive appearance or behavior

Examples of Catch someone's eye

  • She walked into the room and caught my eye with her stunning red dress.

    This idiom is used to describe the moment when someone's gaze meets yours, usually because they have caught your attention. In this example, the woman's appearance was so striking that the speaker couldn't help but notice her.

  • His presentation caught the audience's eye with its innovative ideas.

    This idiom can also be used to describe something that immediately grabs people's attention, whether it's a person's appearance or an idea's novelty. In this example, the speaker is saying that the presentation was so interesting and original that it captured the audience's attention.

  • The store's sale caught my eye as I walked by.

    This idiom can also be used to describe something that catches your attention unexpectedly, such as a sale or a bargain. In this example, the speaker was simply passing by the store when they noticed the sale and were drawn in by the opportunity to save money.

  • She caught my eye across the room and gave me a knowing smile.

    This idiom can also be used to describe a moment of recognition or connection between two people. In this example, the speaker and the woman in question made eye contact from a distance and shared a secret understanding.

  • The sun caught my eye as it set over the horizon.

    This idiom can also be used to describe something that catches your attention because of its beauty or uniqueness. In this example, the speaker was struck by the stunning colors of the sunset and couldn't help but notice the sun as it disappeared below the horizon.


The idiom "catch someone's eye" is used to describe the act of getting someone's attention or being noticed by them. It can be used in a literal sense, such as using a hand gesture to catch someone's eye in a crowded room, or in a figurative sense, such as standing out in a group of people.

In the first meaning, the intention is to attract someone's attention. This can be done through various means, including making eye contact, waving, or using body language to get someone to notice you. It is often used when someone wants to talk to or interact with someone else and needs to get their attention first.

The second meaning is more about being noticeable or standing out. It can be used to describe someone who has a striking or unique appearance, or someone who has done something that makes them stand out in a group. This can be positive, such as being noticed for a talent or achievement, or negative, such as being noticed for bad behavior.

Origin of "Catch someone's eye"

The origin of this idiom is unclear, but it likely comes from the literal meaning of the words. To "catch" someone's "eye" means to physically grab their attention. This could have originated in a social setting, where someone would use eye contact or a gesture to get someone's attention in a crowded room.

The idiom may also have connections to hunting or fishing, where catching a fish or an animal's eye is important for success. This could have translated to the figurative meaning of standing out or being noticed.

Overall, the idiom "catch someone's eye" is a commonly used phrase that can be traced back to the literal meaning of the words and may have connections to social or outdoor activities.