Bugger Bognor!


      • expressing frustration or annoyance
        Used to show exasperation or irritation towards a situation or person, often in a playful or humorous manner

      • dismissive response
        Used to dismiss or disregard a suggestion or idea as foolish or irrelevant

      • defiance or rebellion
        Used as a defiant or rebellious statement, challenging authority or expectations

    Examples of Bugger Bognor!


      The idiom "bugger Bognor!" can be used in various situations to express frustration, dismissiveness, or defiance. It is typically used in a playful or humorous manner and can also convey a sense of rebelliousness or nonconformity.

      Origin of "Bugger Bognor!"

      The origin of this idiom can be traced back to a remark made by King George V in 1929. The king was reportedly asked by his doctor to visit the seaside town of Bognor to aid in his recovery from a serious illness. In response, the king supposedly said, "Bugger Bognor!" as he was not keen on the idea of going there.

      Over time, the phrase became popularized and is now commonly used as an expression of frustration or annoyance. The town of Bognor Regis even embraced the phrase and now uses it in their advertising, with the slogan "Bognor Regis: Bognor is still saying 'bugger off' to the rest of the world!" This further solidifies the idiom's connection to the town and its history.