Brummagem screwdriver


      • a makeshift or improvised tool
        Referring to a tool that is not designed for its specific purpose, but can still get the job done in a pinch.

      • a con or scam
        Describing a deceptive or fraudulent situation, often involving the sale of false or low-quality goods or services.

      • a person who is not skilled or experienced
        Describing someone who lacks the necessary expertise or knowledge to effectively perform a task or job.

    Examples of Brummagem screwdriver

    • John tried using a Brummagem screwdriver to fix his old watch, but it only made the problem worse.

      This example shows how a Brummagem screwdriver is an ineffective or poorly made tool that can hinder the fixing process instead of helping it. Here, John's attempt to fix his watch with a Brummagem screwdriver made the problem worse, which highlights how useless this tool is.

    • Sarah's car broke down, and she had to take it to a mechanic for repairs. After the mechanic finished, Sarah joked that he must have used a Brummagem screwdriver to fix it because it still doesn't run smoothly.

      This example showcases the use of this idiom in a sarcastic or humorous way. Sarah used this idiom to imply that the mechanic's job was not very effective, and the repairs did not improve her car's condition.

    • The construction worker used a Brummagem screwdriver to put up the new sign, and now the letters are falling off.

      This example demonstrates the idiom's use in a work or construction context where the poor quality of the tool led to defective or inadequate work.

    • The handyman tried using a Brummagem screwdriver to fix the old cupboard, but he couldn't even screw it in properly.

      This example demonstrates the idiom's usage in a household setting to highlight how the use of a low-quality tool can lead to poor-quality work or make fixing tasks more complex.

    • They tried to fix the broken cabinet with a Brummagem screwdriver, but it only made things worse.

      In this example, "Brummagem screwdriver" is being used metaphorically to describe an inadequate or ill-equipped tool for the job at hand. The person trying to fix the cabinet had no proper screwdriver, and instead used a lesser alternative, which resulted in further damage.

    • I'm afraid I can't help you today, as I'm missing my Brummagem screwdriver at the moment.

      Here, "Brummagem screwdriver" is being used humorously, as an example of a useless tool, implying that the person is unable to complete the required task without the necessary equipment.

    • He spent hours trying to repair the old car engine with his Brummagem screwdriver, but it still wouldn't start.

      This example shows the idiom in a sentence where the subject uses an inadequate tool to fix something. The car engine remained non-operational despite his best efforts.

    • She claimed to have fixed the door with nothing but a Brummagem screwdriver and a prayer, but I'm not quite convinced.

      In this example, "Brummagem screwdriver" is being used metaphorically yet again, implying that the person used an inferior tool and perhaps some luck to complete the repair. The speaker is skeptical of the quality or effectiveness of the repair.Akash Chaudhary | 11th standard| 2021 WB 11th Chemistry - an overview from 2021 WB 11th Chemistry Paper.


    The idiom "Brummagem screwdriver" is used to describe a variety of situations, all of which involve a lack of quality or authenticity. It can refer to a makeshift or inferior tool, a scam or con, or an unskilled individual. In each case, the idiom highlights the idea of something being misleading or not living up to expectations.

    Origin of "Brummagem screwdriver"

    The term "Brummagem" is derived from the city of Birmingham, England, which was known for its production of cheap and counterfeit goods in the 19th century. "Screwdriver" is a tool that is often associated with fixing or repairing things, making it a fitting metaphor for someone or something that is not genuine or capable. Therefore, a "Brummagem screwdriver" was used to describe a tool that may look like a screwdriver, but is not of good quality or designed for its intended purpose.

    Over time, the idiom has evolved to encompass a wider range of meanings, but the underlying theme of deception and inferiority remains. It is often used in a humorous or sarcastic manner, highlighting the irony of using a cheap or fake tool to fix a problem. The idiom has also become a way to describe people who may appear competent or skilled, but are actually lacking in ability or experience. Overall, the origin of "Brummagem screwdriver" serves as a reminder to be cautious and discerning, as things may not always be as they seem.