brought them closer


      • strengthen a relationship
        Describe how an experience or event has improved the bond or connection between people

      • intensified emotions
        Explain how a situation or event has heightened feelings or brought about a stronger emotional connection

    Examples of brought them closer

    • After going through a rough patch in their relationship, Sarah and Max took a week-long trip to Hawaii. The scenic beauty of the islands, coupled with their quality time together, brought them closer than ever before.

      The phrase "brought them closer" in this instance indicates that the couple's trip to Hawaii strengthened their relationship and brought them emotionally and physically closer. The rough patch they went through may have created distance between them, but the experiences they shared on their Hawaiian getaway served as a balm to heal their wounds and deepen their connection.

    • After months of cajoling him to join the gym, Rachel's persistence finally paid off. Her brother, Mike, who had been slothful and lethargic for years, began working out regularly and found that he enjoyed the physical and mental benefits. Going to the gym every day not only helped him get into better physical shape, but it also provided him with a sense of purpose and instilled in him a new-found confidence. He and Rachel grew closer as a result of this shared pursuit.

      The phrase "brought them closer" in this instance denotes an emotional closeness that manifested as a result of a shared interest or activity. While Rachel and Mike's relationship was not antagonistic, there was a sense of distance between them because of Mike's lack of initiative. Rachel's perseverance transformed their relationship and brought them closer in a profound way.

    • The incidence of natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires often brings strangers closer as they band together to provide support and solace to each other.

      The phrase "brought them closer" in this instance refers to a sense of solidarity and connection that arises in times of crisis. In the face of adversity, people come together to lend a helping hand and offer a shoulder to lean on. Such acts of kindness can strengthen the bonds between individuals and leave an indelible mark on their psyche, bringing them closer for life.

    • After being cooped up indoors for weeks due to heavy snowfall, Mark's neighbors banded together to dig each other's cars out of the snow. They ended up having a grand time while working together and enjoyed some delicious hot chocolate and cookies afterward. Mark's relationship with his neighbors was never closer than it was in that moment.

      The phrase "brought them closer" in this instance implies a heightened sense of closeness resulting from shared experiences. The act of helping their neighbors not only broke the monotony of being snowbound but also brought them together in a way that strengthened their relationship. The warmth of the hot chocolate and the camaraderie of working side-by-side created a cozy and inviting ambience that brought them closer.

    • After going through a tough time, Sarah's friendship with Emily brought them closer.

      This example demonstrates the idiom "brought them closer" in the context of a friendship that has grown stronger as a result of shared experiences or difficulties. When Sarah and Emily experienced a challenging situation together, it may have brought them closer by helping them to rely on each other more and deepen their connection.

    • The shared love of hiking has brought Jane and her brother Mark closer.

      Here, the idiom is used to describe how a mutual interest or activity has brought two individuals closer together. In this example, Jane and her brother Mark may enjoy hiking together and feel that it has brought them closer because it allows them to spend time in each other's company and bond over their shared love of the outdoors.

    • Working on a challenging project at work brought Lily and her colleague Mike closer.

      This example illustrates how a professional collaboration can lead to a strengthened relationship between two individuals. When Lily and Mike worked together on a challenging project, they may have developed a greater level of trust, respect, and understanding for each other because of the shared effort and focus required to complete the task successfully.

    • The daily phone calls between Rachel and her grandmother have brought them closer, despite the distance between them.

      In this instance, the phrase "brought them closer" is used to describe how regular communication can strengthen a relationship, even when the people involved are geographically separated. Rachel and her grandmother may live far apart, but by staying in touch with each other through daily phone calls, they may be able to maintain a close and connected relationship.


    The idiom "brought them closer" is used to convey that a particular experience or event has had a positive impact on a relationship, either by strengthening the bond between people or by intensifying emotions. It is often used to describe how a shared experience has brought individuals or groups together and deepened their connection.

    This idiom is commonly used in both personal and professional contexts to illustrate the positive effects of a specific event or situation on relationships. It can be used to express the idea that overcoming challenges or going through meaningful experiences can bring people closer and create a stronger bond.

    Overall, the idiom "brought them closer" is a simple and effective way to convey the idea of improved relationships or intensified emotions as a result of a shared experience or event.

    Origin of "brought them closer"

    The origin of the idiom "brought them closer" can be traced back to the concept of physical proximity leading to emotional closeness. The idea that being physically close to someone can result in a stronger emotional connection has been a common theme in human relationships throughout history. This idiom likely evolved from the notion that shared experiences or events can bring individuals closer together, both physically and emotionally.

    The idiom may have also been influenced by the belief that facing challenges or overcoming obstacles as a group can create a stronger bond between people. This idea of shared experiences leading to closer relationships has been a recurring theme in literature, art, and human interaction.

    Overall, the origin of the idiom "brought them closer" is rooted in the universal human experience of seeking connection and intimacy with others, and the belief that certain experiences can bring individuals closer together. Examples of its usage can be found in various cultural and historical contexts, illustrating its enduring relevance in human relationships.