broke new ground


      • make progress
        To pioneer or make advancements in a particular field or area

      • innovate
        To introduce new ideas or methods that have not been tried before

    Examples of broke new ground

    • In the field of medical science, after years of research, a team of scientists finally 'broke new ground' by discovering a new and effective vaccine for dengue fever. The discovery has opened up new avenues of research in the field, making it a major breakthrough.

      The phrase 'broke new ground' means to make a significant and innovative discovery in a particular field. The scientists' discovery of a new vaccine for dengue fever has paved the way for further research and development in that area, thus breaking new ground in the field of medical science.

    • 'Broke new ground' is also used metaphorically in relation to artistic or literary creations. For instance, a young and upcoming singer 'broke new ground' when she released her debut album, which received critical acclaim and commercial success.

      Metaphorically, the phrase 'broke new ground' refers to creating something novel and groundbreaking in a particular field, such as music or literature. The singer's debut album can be considered as a significant and innovative contribution to the music industry, thus breaking new ground for her as an artist.

    • A new startup company 'broke new ground' by introducing a revolutionary new product that disrupted the established market. The product received an overwhelming response from customers, making it a major success for the company.

      The phrase 'broke new ground' is also used in reference to businesses and their innovative ideas. The startup company's new product disrupted the traditional market, which led to unprecedented success, thus breaking new ground in the industry.

    • In sports, a team or player can also 'break new ground' by achieving a remarkable feat that has never been accomplished before. For instance, a football team 'broke new ground' by winning the league title for the first time in their history.

      'Broke new ground' in sports is used to describe a noteworthy and unparalleled achievement by a team or player. The football team's victory in the league title was a significant and unprecedented accomplishment for the team, thus breaking new ground for them.

    • The latest discoveries in quantum physics have broken new ground in our understanding of the nature of reality.

      This idiom is used here to indicate that the latest studies in quantum physics have expanded our knowledge of reality in a significant and innovative way, paving the way for new discoveries and insights.

    • The fashion industry has been notoriously slow to embrace sustainable practices, but a growing number of designers are breaking new ground by using recycled materials and incorporating environmentally-friendly production methods.

      This example illustrates the use of the idiom in a different context, emphasizing that these designers are doing something new and revolutionary in their field.

    • The author's use of non-linear storytelling techniques in her novel has broken new ground in the world of literary fiction, challenging readers to think critically and engage actively with the narrative.

      This example highlights the fact that the author's creative choices have pushed the boundaries of traditional storytelling, resulting in a fresh and original work.

    • The rise of digital art has broken new ground in the art world, enabling artists to create works that would have been impossible to produce just a few decades ago.

      This idiom is used here to signify that the emergence of digital art has opened up new possibilities and opportunities for artists, allowing them to explore previously unexplored territory.In sum, the phrase "broke new ground" is a flexible and versatile idiom that can be used to describe a range of innovative and progressive actions or ideas, whether in science, the arts, business, or any other field. By expanding our understanding of what is possible and challenging us to think differently, these breakthroughs and breakthrough innovations help to shape the future of their respective domains.


    The idiom "broke new ground" is commonly used to signify making progress or pioneering in a particular field. It can also imply innovating by introducing new ideas or methods that have not been tried before. This expression is often used to highlight someone's achievement in pushing boundaries and exploring new territories in their work or endeavors.

    In various contexts, "broke new ground" can indicate a significant breakthrough or a turning point that marks a departure from traditional practices. It conveys a sense of pushing the boundaries of what is known or accepted to create something new and impactful. Overall, this idiom is a powerful way to acknowledge and celebrate individuals or groups who have made notable advancements or introduced fresh perspectives in their respective fields.

    Origin of "broke new ground"

    The origin of the idiom "broke new ground" can be traced back to agricultural practices. In farming, breaking new ground refers to the process of preparing and cultivating previously untilled land for planting crops. This labor-intensive task involves clearing the land of rocks, weeds, and other obstacles to create fertile soil for cultivation.

    Over time, the expression evolved to symbolize venturing into uncharted territory or embarking on a new endeavor. By breaking new ground, individuals or groups metaphorically carve out new pathways and opportunities for growth and development. The idiom captures the essence of taking risks, exploring unexplored territories, and embracing innovation to achieve progress and success. In contemporary usage, "broke new ground" continues to resonate as a powerful metaphor for pushing boundaries, creating change, and making significant advancements in various fields.