Bold as brass


      • Bold, confident, or audacious
        To describe someone who is unapologetically confident and assertive in their actions or words, often in a way that may be perceived as arrogant or impudent.

      • Obvious or blatant
        To describe something that is clearly and unmistakably present or visible, often in a way that may be seen as excessive or showy.

      • Brazen or shameless
        To describe someone who is unafraid or unashamed of their actions or words, even if they may be considered inappropriate or offensive by others.

    Examples of Bold as brass

    • The CEO confidently strode into the boardroom, her head held high and her voice clear as a bell, unafraid to speak her mind. She was bold as brass.

      The CEO showed unapologetic courage and confidence, much like the brassy or bold sound of brass instruments. Just as a brass band is heard loud and clear, the CEO confidently asserted herself in the meeting.

    • The politician stood at the podium, his chest puffed out, delivering a bold speech full of bravado and bluster. He was bold as brass.

      The politician's strong and confident demeanor and eloquent speech were compared to the resounding sound of brass instruments. Just as brass bands evoke a sense of power and authority, the politician's speech carried a similar weight and conviction.

    • The child marched into the classroom, chin held high and voice ringing out, announcing her bold decision to switch schools. She was bold as brass.

      The child's fearless announcement and self-assured demeanor were compared to the bold and resounding sound of brass instruments. Just as brass bands demand attention, the child's decision and announcement were equally bold and confident.

    • The artist proudly displayed her work in the gallery, her colors bold as brass, filling the space with a vibrant and commanding presence.

      The artist's use of bold and vivid colors was likened to the rich and resonant sound of brass instruments. Just as a brass band fills a space with sound, the artist's work commanded attention and demanded respect with its striking and vivid colors.


    In summary, the idiom "bold as brass" is used to describe someone or something that is confident, obvious, and brazen. It can be used to praise someone's assertiveness and fearlessness, but it can also be used to criticize someone's arrogance and lack of tact.

    Origin of "Bold as brass"

    The origin of the idiom "bold as brass" dates back to the 16th century, when brass was considered a valuable and bold metal. It was often used to make decorative objects and was associated with wealth and power. This led to the phrase "bold as brass" being used to describe someone who was brazen and confident.

    Over time, the phrase evolved to also include the connotation of being shameless or impudent. This may be due to the fact that brass is also associated with being loud and showy, which could be seen as inappropriate or offensive behavior. Today, the idiom is commonly used in both British and American English to describe someone who is confident and unapologetic, but it can also carry a negative connotation of being arrogant or impolite.