blend them together


      • combine or mix things
        To mix or combine different elements or components to create a unified whole

      • integrate different aspects
        To incorporate or merge various aspects or qualities to form a harmonious entity

    Examples of blend them together

    • In the kitchen, the chef blended the tangy lemon juice, the sweet honey, and the savory garlic into a creamy dressing for the salad.

      The idiom "blend them together" in this example means to mix different ingredients thoroughly until they become a homogenous mixture. The chef mixed the lemon juice, honey, and garlic together until they formed a smooth and cohesive dressing.

    • The speaker blended their personal experiences, academic research, and anecdotes from their friends and family into a compelling and well-rounded argument for their thesis presentation.

      In this example, "blend them together" refers to combining various elements into a cohesive and harmonious whole. The speaker integrated different elements into their presentation to create a comprehensive and persuasive argument.

    • The artist blended the bold colors and abstract shapes in her painting to create a dynamic and expressive composition.

      Here, "blend them together" signifies merging disparate components to form a visually stunning work of art. The artist combined contrasting colors and shapes to produce a visually striking artwork.

    • During the negotiation, the salesperson blended her product's features, benefits, and pricing to create a compelling sales pitch for the client.

      In this example, "blend them together" indicates combining the key selling points of a product to create a persuasive case for the purchase. The salesperson merged the features, benefits, and pricing to make a compelling sales pitch to her client.

    • She blended her red sauce with the green pesto to create a unique and delicious pasta dish that perfectly blended the flavors of both sauces.

      In this context, "blend them together" refers to combining two different things, such as sauces, to create a new and unique product that incorporates the best of both.

    • In order to blend technology with art, he created a multimedia performance that seamlessly integrated dance, music, and digital projections.

      In this example, "blend technology with art" means to incorporate technology into artistic performances or creations to enhance their overall impact and experience for the audience.

    • We blended our marketing and sales strategies to better align our efforts and improve overall lead generation and conversion rates.

      In this context, "blend our marketing and sales strategies" means to merge or combine two related but distinct approaches or plans to achieve a shared goal, in this case, to enhance the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts.

    • In order to blend the old and the new, they restored the historic building while modernizing its infrastructure and design.

      In this context, "blend the old and the new" means to integrate traditional or historical elements with contemporary design or technology to create a more balanced and harmonious result. For instance, preserving the original facade while updating the interior or adding modern amenities.


    The idiom "blend them together" is used to describe the action of mixing or integrating different elements to create a unified whole. It can refer to physical objects, such as blending ingredients in cooking, or abstract concepts, such as combining ideas or qualities to form a cohesive entity. This phrase is commonly used in both literal and figurative contexts to emphasize the importance of harmony and unity in various situations.

    In everyday conversation, people may use this idiom to encourage cooperation, collaboration, or synthesis of ideas. It can also be employed to highlight the benefits of diversity and the power of blending different perspectives or approaches. Overall, "blend them together" conveys the idea of creating a cohesive and unified result by combining various elements in a thoughtful and intentional manner.

    Origin of "blend them together"

    The origin of the idiom "blend them together" can be traced back to the concept of mixing or combining different substances to create a new and improved product. In the context of cooking, blending ingredients together is a common practice to enhance flavors and textures in dishes. This notion of blending has been extended to various other fields, such as art, music, and business, where the fusion of different elements is valued for its ability to produce innovative and harmonious outcomes.

    The use of "blend them together" in a figurative sense likely emerged from the idea of creating synergy or unity by integrating diverse components. The idiom reflects the belief that combining different elements can lead to a more robust and effective result than each individual part on its own. Through the act of blending, people can leverage the strengths of each element while minimizing their weaknesses, ultimately achieving a more balanced and successful outcome.