Black and blue


      • physically injured
        to describe someone who has been bruised or beaten

      • severely damaged
        to describe something that has been greatly harmed or destroyed

    Examples of Black and blue

    • The student was in trouble after getting into a fight at school. He came home with a black eye and a bruised face. His parents were furious and scolded him, saying, "Look at you, black and blue! What have we taught you about violence?"

      In this example, "black and blue" refers to having visible bruises and injuries, often caused by physical violence.

    • The company suffered a massive data breach, leaving their customers' personal information exposed. The public outcry was swift and severe, with many people accusing the company of being "black and blue" in their handling of the situation.

      Here, "black and blue" is being used metaphorically to describe a situation where a company or organization has faced severe public criticism and backlash, often resulting in negative consequences.

    • The weather report warned of a storm rolling in, with heavy rain and strong winds in store. The city braced itself for the worst, knowing that the aftermath could leave buildings, roads, and power lines "black and blue".

      In this example, "black and blue" is being used to describe the potential damage and destruction that a powerful storm can cause, leaving buildings and infrastructure in need of repair and restoration.

    • After the football match, the team's coach gave an interview, criticizing his players for their performance. He said, "They played like a bunch of amateurs, black and blue in every aspect of the game."

      This final example uses "black and blue" to describe a situation where a team or individual has performed poorly or made serious mistakes, resulting in a loss or negative outcome. It can also be used to describe a lack of skill or experience in a particular situation, with "black and blue" being a vivid and memorable way to describe this lack of proficiency.

    • After our hockey game, I woke up with black and blue marks all over my body.

      This is an idiomatic expression called "black and blue" which means having bruises or injuries in various shades of purple, blue, and black due to being hit or beaten severely.

    • The company's profit margins took a black and blue beating from the economic downturn.

      In this example, "black and blue beating" is a metaphorical expression used to describe a severe loss or damage. It means that the company suffered significant financial losses due to the adverse economic conditions.

    • Their relationship has been black and blue for years now.

      This idiomatic expression means that the relationship between two people has been strained and difficult with frequent arguments and fights causing physical and emotional injuries.

    • She accused him of being black and blue in the head, insinuating that he was irrational and impulsive.

      In this example, "black and blue in the head" is a figurative expression used to describe someone as foolish or irrational, implying that they have lost their reason or judgement.


    The idiom "black and blue" is commonly used to describe physical injury or severe damage. It can be used to refer to someone who has been physically beaten or bruised, or to describe something that has been greatly harmed or destroyed.

    Origin of "Black and blue"

    The origin of the idiom "black and blue" can be traced back to the Middle Ages, when it was used to describe the colors of bruises. The association of these colors with physical injury led to the idiom being used to describe someone who had been physically beaten or bruised. Over time, it also came to be used to describe something that had been severely damaged or destroyed, reflecting the extent of the harm or injury. The idiom has since become a common phrase in the English language, used to convey the severity of physical injury or damage. For example, "After the car accident, the front of the car was black and blue."