bask in the glory


      • enjoy recognition or praise
        To take great pleasure or satisfaction in receiving recognition or praise for one's achievements or success

      • revel in success
        To take pride in and enjoy the success or achievements that one has experienced

    Examples of bask in the glory

    • The athlete basked in the glory of winning the gold medal.

      This is a classic example of using the idiom "bask in the glory." It means that the athlete was thoroughly enjoying the positive attention and praise that came with winning the gold medal. The athlete was taking pleasure in the fame and success.

    • The singer couldn't help but bask in the glory of her sold-out concert.

      This example shows how the singer was enjoying the success and positive feedback of her sold-out concert. The intention of the idiom is to portray how the singer was thrilled with the accomplishments.

    • After delivering a genius presentation, the CEO basked in the glory of the boardroom.

      Here the CEO who gave an excellent presentation was enjoying the positive emotions and prestige that came with it. It represents how the CEO was proud of the outcome and recognized the appreciation by the boardroom.

    • The athlete's teammates were basking in the glory of the team's win.

      In this case, the entire team was experiencing the positive feelings of success that came with the team's win. The teammates too were enjoying the attention and praise that came with their team's victory.Overall, using the idiom "bask in the glory" connotes a positive emotion, representing the feeling of success, affirmation, and pride.

    • The talented athlete basked in the glory of his Olympic victory as he paraded through the streets, surrounded by cheering crowds.

      To "bask in the glory" means to fully enjoy and savor the praise, admiration, and acclaim received following a great achievement or success. This idiom is often used when describing a person who is reveling in his or her newfound fame, feeling a sense of pride and satisfaction. In this example, the athlete is literally basking in the spotlight, soaking up the admiration and adoration of the people gathered to celebrate his achievement.

    • The musician's latest album was an instant hit, and he has been basking in the glory ever since.

      Here, the musician's success is so overwhelming that he has become consumed by it, taking great pleasure in the recognition and praise he is receiving. Basking in the glory is a state of mind, as much as it is a physical experience. This idiom can be used metaphorically to describe any situation in which a person is feeling a sense of triumph or satisfaction, whether it is related to a personal accomplishment or something that has happened to someone else.

    • Despite facing intense criticism from some corners, the author refused to be disheartened and continued to bask in the glory of her bestselling novel.

      This example shows how the idiom can be used when describing a person's response to adversity. In this case, the author has received both positive and negative feedback for her book, but she remains confident and proud of her achievement, choosing to focus on the positive and enjoy the success she has earned. This can also be a useful idiom when trying to convey the idea that someone is taking delight in something that is not necessarily positive, but rather simply pleasurable or enjoyable.

    • The retired athlete was often seen basking in the glory of his past achievements, regaling audiences with tales of his glory days.

      Here, the idiom is used to describe someone who is reliving the memories of their former successes, almost as if they were still living in that time. It suggests that the person still holds a special attachment to those moments and takes a great deal of pleasure in remembering them. The use of the phrase "basking in the glory" in this case goes beyond simply enjoying the praise or admiration, and instead emphasizes the emotional resonance and significance of those memories to the person in question.


    The idiom "bask in the glory" is used to describe the act of enjoying recognition or praise for one's achievements or success. It can also refer to taking pride in and reveling in one's success. The phrase is often used to convey the idea of taking pleasure in the positive attention or admiration received from others.

    People use this idiom to express their satisfaction in being recognized or praised for their accomplishments. It is a way of acknowledging and enjoying the positive feelings that come with success and achievement.

    Origin of "bask in the glory"

    The origin of the idiom "bask in the glory" can be traced back to the literal meaning of "bask," which originally referred to a reptile lying in the warmth of the sun to regulate its body temperature. Over time, the word evolved to also mean taking pleasure or satisfaction in something.

    The addition of "in the glory" emphasizes the enjoyment and satisfaction derived from receiving recognition or praise. This figurative use of the word "bask" in combination with "glory" captures the idea of reveling in the positive attention and admiration received from others. The idiom has become a common way to express the enjoyment of success and recognition, reflecting the human desire for validation and appreciation.