Bang on about


      • talk excessively
        To continuously and tediously talk about a particular topic or subject, often in a repetitive or boring manner

      • complain
        To incessantly grumble or whine about something, typically in a bothersome or tiresome way

    Examples of Bang on about

    • My grandma will bang on about her childhood adventures for hours if you let her.

      "Bang on about" here means that she will talk for a long time about her past enthusiastically.

    • Are you still banging on about that old car you can't afford to fix?

      This implies that the person frequently and perhaps annoyingly talks about a car they can't repair.

    • He's been banging on about environmental issues ever since he got back from the conference.

      This indicates that he has been talking at length and probably repetitively about environmental concerns.

    • Jane will bang on about her diet plans to anyone who will listen.

      Jane often talks in a detailed or perhaps obsessive way about her diet plans to people.

    • Whenever I ask about new technology, Ben starts banging on about the dangers of AI.

      When the topic of technology arises, Ben persistently talks about the negative aspects of artificial intelligence.

    • I wish you wouldn't bang on about my grades in front of my friends.

      The speaker wants someone to stop talking about their academic performance, especially in public or social settings.

    • During the meeting, she banged on about the need for a better social media strategy.

      She spoke at length about improving the social media approach during the meeting.

    • "He's just banging on about his new job again," she whispered, rolling her eyes.

      She's expressing annoyance that he is again talking extensively and perhaps boastfully about his new employment.


    The idiom "bang on about" is most commonly used to refer to someone who talks too much or complains too much about a certain topic. It can also imply that the person is being repetitive and not bringing anything new to the conversation. It is often used in a negative context to express annoyance or frustration with someone's excessive talking or complaining.

    Origin of "Bang on about"

    The exact origin of the idiom "bang on about" is unclear, but it is believed to have originated in British English in the early 20th century. The word "bang" in this context means to hit or strike repeatedly, which could be a reference to the repetitive nature of someone talking too much. The word "on" is used to emphasize the continuous aspect of the talking or complaining.

    Some speculate that the idiom may have originated from the British slang phrase "bang on" which means to be accurate or correct. This could suggest that someone who is "banging on" about a topic is being overly insistent or persistent about their viewpoint.

    Another possible origin could be from the phrase "bang on target," meaning to hit or reach the intended goal. In this context, "bang on" could imply that someone is constantly hitting the same point or topic in their conversation.

    Overall, the idiom "bang on about" is believed to have evolved from a combination of British slang and colloquial language, and its exact origin remains uncertain. However, its meaning and usage have become well-established in modern English, and it continues to be a commonly used phrase to describe someone who talks or complains excessively.