Bane of your life


      • something that causes misery or distress
        To describe something or someone that is a constant source of trouble or unhappiness in one's life

    Examples of Bane of your life

    • The incessant construction noise next door has become the bane of my life, disrupting my peace daily.

      The constant construction noise is a major source of annoyance or distress to the person.

    • Traffic jams were the bane of Helen's life during her commute to the city.

      Helen found traffic jams extremely troubling and they negatively affected her daily commute.

    • You claim to hate drama, yet it seems to be the bane of your life, always following you around.

      Drama is something that consistently causes the person trouble or irritation.

    • Ever since we moved, those pesky mosquitoes have been the bane of my life!

      The mosquitoes are causing continuous annoyance or misery to the person.

    • Overbearing regulations became the bane of my life when I started my own business.

      Strict regulations are causing great distress or difficulty in operating the person's business.

    • For avid gardeners, weeds are the bane of their life.

      Weeds are a persistent problem that gardeners find frustrating and challenging to deal with.

    • Lost keys have become the bane of my life; I can never seem to keep track of them!

      Misplacing keys frequently causes significant inconvenience and aggravation to the person.

    • As a chef, a dull knife is the bane of my life.

      A dull knife is a major source of frustration in the chef's professional work due to the difficulty it causes.


    The idiom "bane of your life" is used to refer to something or someone that brings constant misery or distress. It is often used to describe a persistent source of trouble or unhappiness in one's life, emphasizing the negative impact it has on one's well-being.

    People may use this idiom to express frustration or resentment towards a particular situation, person, or thing that they feel is causing them significant distress. It can be used to highlight the ongoing and burdensome nature of the source of trouble, and to emphasize the toll it takes on one's overall happiness and quality of life.

    Overall, "bane of your life" is a powerful and vivid expression that conveys the idea of a persistent and deeply troubling presence in one's life.

    Origin of "Bane of your life"

    The phrase "bane of your life" has its origins in Old English, where "bane" originally referred to a person or thing that causes death or ruin. Over time, the meaning of "bane" evolved to include anything that causes harm or misery. The word "bane" is also commonly associated with poison or something that is harmful.

    The idiom "bane of your life" likely emerged from this usage of "bane" to convey the idea of something that brings ongoing suffering or distress. It has been used in English language for centuries to describe a persistent source of trouble or unhappiness, and continues to be a powerful and evocative expression in contemporary usage.