Badger to death


      • Repeatedly and persistently nagging or bothering someone about something
        To annoy or irritate someone by constantly talking about a particular topic or issue

      • To exhaust or wear someone down through constant pressure or demands
        To continuously hassle or pester someone until they give in or give up

    Examples of Badger to death

    • The reporter badgered the politician to death with an endless stream of questions about the scandal.

      The reporter persistently asked the politician so many questions it was as if she was overwhelming or 'killing' him with her persistence.

    • "You'll badger me to death with your constant complaining," moaned the weary mother to her child.

      The mother feels overwhelmed by her child's continuous complaints, likening the experience to being figuratively 'killed' by the annoyance.

    • Poor Sarah was badgered to death by telemarketers calling at all hours.

      Sarah experienced relentless and excessive pestering by telemarketers, equated to a metaphorical 'death' by annoyance.

    • In the debate, his opponent badgered him to death, leaving no room for any counter-arguments.

      During the debate, his opponent overwhelmed him with aggressive questioning to the point where it felt like a relentless attack.

    • "If you don't stop badgering me to death about your raise, I'll never consider it!" the boss exclaimed.

      The boss is expressing frustration over being repeatedly and excessively pestered about providing a raise.

    • As an author, Jenna was badgered to death by her fans who desperately wanted the next book in the series.

      Jenna faced persistent demands from her fans for a new book, described as an overwhelming 'death' by nagging.

    • He loved his job but hated that his mistake led his colleagues to badger him to death.

      His colleagues did not stop criticizing him for his error, which felt like a constant and overwhelming torment.

    • "I'll get the project done, so stop badgering me to death about it!" he yelled over the phone.

      He expressed frustration because someone was persistently bothering him about finishing a project, to the point of exasperation.


    The idiom "badger to death" is typically used to describe a situation where someone is being excessively nagged or bothered about a particular topic or issue. It can also refer to the act of wearing someone down through constant pressure or demands. In both cases, the intention is to discourage the person from continuing with their actions or behaviors.

    This idiom can be used in a variety of situations, such as a parent constantly reminding their child to do their chores, a boss constantly reminding their employee to finish a project, or a friend constantly reminding another friend about their past mistakes. It is often seen as a negative behavior, as it can be seen as manipulative or controlling.

    Origin of "Badger to death"

    The origin of the idiom "badger to death" is not entirely clear, but it is believed to have originated from the actual behavior of badgers. Badgers are known to be persistent and tenacious animals, often digging and burrowing for food or shelter. This behavior can be seen as annoying or bothersome to humans, which may have led to the association of badgers with the act of nagging or pestering.

    The use of the word "death" in the idiom may have originated from the idea of being relentlessly pursued or hounded by a badger until one is exhausted or worn down. It could also be a reference to the aggressive nature of badgers, as they are known to fiercely defend their territory.

    Overall, the idiom "badger to death" highlights the annoyance and frustration that can come from being constantly bothered or nagged about something. It serves as a cautionary reminder to avoid becoming too persistent or pushy in our interactions with others.