Bad hair day


      • having a bad day or feeling off
        Describing a day when everything seems to be going wrong or not as planned, leading to a general feeling of frustration or dissatisfaction. Can also be used to express a bad mood or feeling out of sorts.

      • looking unattractive or disheveled
        Describing a physical appearance that is less than desirable, often due to unkempt hair or a bad hairstyle. Can also be used to describe a general lack of effort or care in one's appearance.

    Examples of Bad hair day

    • "I'm sorry for snapping at you this morning; I was having a bad hair day and took it out on you."

      The speaker uses the idiom to apologize and explain their poor behavior, attributing it to their rough start or general feeling of frustration during that day.

    • "All the stock prices fell through the floor today; it's a bad hair day for investors."

      The phrase is used metaphorically to describe a day with negative outcomes or bad luck in the context of financial markets.

    • "The team's performance on the field was indicative of a bad hair day; nothing went as planned."

      This uses the idiom to describe a series of misfortunes or mistakes, common in a day when nothing seems to go right, applied to a sports scenario.

    • "From the traffic jam to the thunderstorm ruining my picnic, it's just been a bad hair day."

      The idiom describes a day filled with irritating and unfortunate events that disrupt plans.

    • "You look like you're having a bad hair day; want to talk about it?"

      The phrase is employed to show understanding or offer sympathy to someone who seems to be troubled or upset.

    • "Avoid the stock market today; it seems like it’s a collective bad hair day out there."

      This implies that the stock market is experiencing significant turmoil or difficulties.

    • "With the printer jamming and my computer crashing, it's safe to say I'm stuck in a bad hair day loop."

      The idiom is applied creatively to depict a sequence of technological mishaps that contribute to a frustrating day.

    • "Every dish I attempted to cook turned out wrong – talk about a culinary bad hair day!"

      Here, the phrase is humorously used to describe a series of kitchen disasters, suggesting an off day in cooking skills.


    The idiom "bad hair day" is commonly used to describe a day that is not going well or a feeling of being off. It can also refer to a physical appearance that is less than desirable, often due to unkempt hair or a bad hair day. This phrase is often used as a light-hearted way to express frustration or dissatisfaction with a situation.

    Origin of "Bad hair day"

    The origin of the idiom "bad hair day" is not entirely clear, but it is believed to have originated in the 1990s. It is thought to have originated from the idea that having a bad hair day can affect one's mood and overall confidence. This phrase has since become a popular and commonly used expression in English-speaking countries.

    The phrase "bad hair day" is often used in a humorous or self-deprecating way, acknowledging that everyone has days where their hair just doesn't cooperate. It has also been used in popular culture, such as in books, movies, and television shows, to describe a character's state of mind or appearance.

    Overall, the idiom "bad hair day" has evolved to become a relatable and lighthearted way to express a negative feeling or appearance. It has become a part of everyday language and is understood by many as a way to describe a not-so-great day or a physical appearance that is less than ideal.