Baby father


      • to refer to the biological father of someone's child
        When discussing a child's parentage, especially in cases where the father may not be involved or present in the child's life

      • to describe a man who is not a good or responsible father
        To criticize or judge a man's parenting skills or involvement in his child's life

      • to refer to a man who has impregnated multiple women
        To imply that the man has not taken responsibility for his actions and has left multiple women to take care of his children on their own

    Examples of Baby father

    • Lisa decided against moving to another state because she thought it would be too hard to coordinate visits between her son and his baby father.

      "Baby father" refers to Lisa's son's biological father, with whom she shares custody or visitation rights.

    • "I know Marcus is the baby father, but he has hardly spent any time with his daughter," Jane mentioned with a sigh.

      Jane is expressing that although Marcus is the child's biological father, he is not actively involved in her life.

    • When the teacher asked about emergency contacts, Sarah listed her baby father's name just in case.

      Sarah provided the name of her child's biological father as a point of contact for emergencies.

    • Although they were no longer together, Jasmine made sure her baby father was invited to all of their daughter's birthday parties.

      Jasmine ensures the child's biological father is part of important events despite their personal relationship ending.

    • Kevin, as the baby father, felt it was his duty to provide for his son even after the separation from his ex-partner.

      Kevin acknowledges his responsibility in caring for his child as the child's biological father post-separation.

    • The baby father may not be present today, but we'll reschedule the parent-teacher meeting for when he can attend.

      The biological father is unable to attend the meeting, and there are plans to reschedule to include him.

    • At the playground, many people mistook Michael for the nanny, not realizing he was actually the baby father enjoying his day out with his twins.

      Onlookers incorrectly assumed Michael was a caregiver rather than the biological father of the twins.

    • During the court case, the judge asked for the baby father's testimony regarding the child custody arrangement.

      In legal proceedings, the judge requested the biological father's statement about child care and living arrangements.


    The idiom "baby father" is primarily used to refer to the biological father of someone's child. It can also be used to criticize a man's parenting skills or describe a man who has impregnated multiple women and not taken responsibility for his actions. This idiom is often used in discussions about parentage and fatherhood.

    Origin of "Baby father"

    The origin of the idiom "baby father" is believed to come from Jamaican Patois, a dialect spoken in Jamaica. In this dialect, the word "father" is often pronounced as "fadda," and "baby father" is a term used to refer to a man who has fathered a child with a woman he is not married to.

    This term gained popularity in the 1990s and early 2000s through dancehall and reggae music, where it was commonly used in lyrics and songs. It has since become a widely used term in the Caribbean and has also been adopted in other English-speaking countries.

    The use of this term also reflects societal attitudes towards fatherhood and the role of men in parenting. It often carries a negative connotation, implying that the man is not fulfilling his responsibilities as a father. However, it can also be used in a more neutral or descriptive manner, simply referring to the biological relationship between a man and his child.