As thick as thieves


      • very close friends or accomplices
        Describing a relationship characterized by a strong bond, loyalty, and shared secrets or mischievous activities

      • difficult to separate or break apart
        Describing objects that are tightly intertwined or entangled, making it challenging to separate them

    Examples of As thick as thieves

    • Jack and Tom were as thick as thieves growing up. They did everything together and shared secrets that they never told anyone else.

      The phrase "as thick as thieves" means very close or friends that are very loyal to each other. The idiom comes from the idea that thieves have to be very close to pull off a successful robbery. So, people who are as close as thieves are like that because they have to rely on each other for something. In Jack and Tom's case, they were as thick as thieves because they were very close growing up and shared secrets.


    The idiom "as thick as thieves" has two main meanings, which both revolve around the idea of a strong and close relationship between people or objects. It can refer to a close friendship or partnership between individuals, often with a sense of secrecy or mischief. It can also describe objects that are tightly connected and challenging to separate.

    Origin of "As thick as thieves"

    The origin of this idiom can be traced back to the 19th century, where it was commonly used in literature and spoken language. The phrase is believed to have originated from the criminal underworld, where thieves and accomplices would work closely together and develop strong bonds in order to carry out their illegal activities. This is reflected in the early uses of the phrase, which often referred to partnerships in crime.

    Over time, the idiom has evolved to encompass a broader range of relationships and situations. It is now commonly used to describe any strong and inseparable bond between people or objects. The use of "thick" in this idiom is thought to refer to the idea of something being difficult to penetrate or break apart, emphasizing the strength and closeness of the relationship or connection.