as quiet as a mouse


      • to describe someone or something that is very quiet
        to emphasize the silence of a person, animal, or place

    Examples of as quiet as a mouse

    • The library was as quiet as a mouse during exam week. Everyone was studiously focused on their studies, not a single whisper or rustle could be heard.

      When we say someone or something is "as quiet as a mouse," we mean that they or it is incredibly silent and seems to barely move or make any noise at all. This idiom is often used to describe a place or situation that is very quiet and still. In this example, the library was so silent that it was as if every person inside was completely motionless, like a mouse frozen in place.

    • Sarah's sneakers made barely a sound as she crept through the dark hallway, her movements stealthy and silent as a mouse.

      Here, the idiom is being used to describe Sarah's movements, which were so quiet that they were comparable to those of a mouse. This could be because Sarah is trying to be stealthy for a particular reason, like sneaking past someone asleep, or it could just be a general description of her quiet demeanor.

    • The clock ticked away as quietly as a mouse in the dead of night.

      In this example, the idiom is being used to describe the sound of the clock, which is so soft and barely noticeable that it's like the ticking of a mouse's paw as it moves through the darkness. This could be due to the clock being in a small room with soft padding on the floor, or it could just be a poetic way of describing the quietness of the night.

    • After a long day at work, John came home and collapsed onto the couch, his body as still as a mouse.

      Here, the idiom is being used to describe John's state of exhaustion, which has left him completely still and silent, like a mouse that has stopped moving. This could be because John is truly asleep, or it could just be a poetic way of describing his body language and demeanor at that moment.

    • The library was as quiet as a mouse during the exams season. Not a single whisper or page flip could be heard, as every student respected the peaceful atmosphere and focused solely on their tests.

      This idiom refers to a situation where there is complete and utter silence, to an extent where even the slightest noise seems amplified. In this example, the library during exams time is so silent that it's as if every person in it is as stealthy as a mouse.

    • The night watchman patrolled the empty warehouse, his footsteps echoing through the halls as he tried keeping a watchful eye on the silent surroundings. It was so quiet that you could hear a mouse sneaking through the pipes, if there were any.

      In this example, the night watchman is the only alive being present in the empty warehouse. The surrounding is so silent that the slightest sound is amplified, and the watchman's footsteps sound too loud, as if he's as loud as a roaring lion in such a silent environment. Thus, saying the silence is as quiet as a mouse is an understatement.

    • The phone lines went dead during the strong windstorm, and not a single sound could be heard in the earpiece, not even the scurrying mouse could be heard from the other end of the line.

      This example illustrates how quiet something can be when it's completely silent, and there is complete and utter silence. In this instance, the phone lines went dead, and there is complete silence as there is no sound even from the other end of the line, not even the sound of a mouse's scurry.

    • As the snowfall grew more significant, the snowflakes began falling so quietly that they were as quiet as a mouse, invisibly coating the surroundings in a blanket of snow.

      In this final example, the snowflakes are falling so quietly that they're as quiet as a mouse, making it seem as if there's no snowfall at all, and the entire event of the snowfall happening silently and stealthily, much like the movement of a mouse.


    The idiom "as quiet as a mouse" is used to describe a situation or a person that is extremely quiet. It is often used to emphasize the absence of noise in a particular setting or to highlight someone's silent behavior. This idiom is commonly used in everyday conversations to convey a sense of peacefulness or stillness.

    Origin of "as quiet as a mouse"

    The origin of the idiom "as quiet as a mouse" can be traced back to the natural behavior of mice. Mice are known for their quiet and stealthy movements, which has led to the association of silence with the animal. This idiom has been used in the English language for centuries, and it continues to be a popular way to describe something that is remarkably quiet. The comparison to a mouse serves as a vivid and relatable image to convey the idea of silence. Overall, the idiom "as quiet as a mouse" has its roots in the behavior of the animal and has been widely used to describe quietness in various contexts.