as loyal as a dog


      • to emphasize someone's loyalty
        to describe someone who is extremely faithful and devoted, especially in a relationship or friendship

    Examples of as loyal as a dog

    • Despite being bankrupt and jobless, Sarah's dog never left her side; she can truly say that her canine companion is as loyal as a dog.

      Sarah's unwavering loyalty towards her dog is mirrored by her furry friend's absolute devotion to her owner. Just as a dog's loyalty does not falter in times of adversity, Sarah's dog proved himself to be a loyal companion during her difficult times.

    • Although John's friend betrayed him, his dog remained just as loyal as always.

      No matter what happens in life, a dog's loyalty to his owner never wavers. John's dog's loyalty was unchanging, just as the loyalty of a dog is unchanging.

    • Tom's dog followed him everywhere, from his home to a crowded street corner. Tom's dog's loyalty was stronger than any barrier; he was as loyal as a dog.

      Tom's dog's loyalty was unbreakable, just as the loyalty of a dog is unbreakable. His dog followed him everywhere, even in crowded places.

    • Lena's dog was by her side through thick and thin; she could truly say that her dog was as loyal as a dog.

      Just as a dog's loyalty is unwavering, Lena's dog remained loyal to her through all the ups and downs of life. Lena's bond with her dog was as strong as the bond between a dog and his owner.

    • My best friend has been as loyal as a dog throughout our years of friendship. She's always been there for me during good times and bad, and I trust her with my life like a true friend should be.

      This example uses the 'as loyal as a dog' idiom in a sentence to describe how loyal a person's friend is. The metaphor refers to the extreme loyalty that a dog has towards its owner and is used to convey the idea that the friend is as faithful and devoted as a dog. This idiom is used to praise the friend's unwavering commitment and loyalty throughout their friendship.

    • Some businesses have dogs as their mascots because they embody the same values and principles that businesses strive for, such as loyalty, trustworthiness, and dependability.

      This example uses the idiom in a different context to describe the loyalty and trustworthiness that is often associated with dogs. The metaphor is used to convey the idea that businesses that are committed, loyal, and dependable can be compared to dogs, given that dogs are known for these qualities as well. It highlights the positive virtues of dogs, such as their loyalty and trustworthiness, and applies them to businesses that reflect these traits.

    • The loyal dog patiently waits for its owner to return home, wagging its tail with joy and enthusiasm.

      This example uses the idiom in a more literal context, describing a dog's behavior and loyalty towards its owner. The metaphor illustrates the dog's absolute devotion and unwavering loyalty towards its owner, and serves as a poetic and evocative way of describing the dog's behavior.

    • The author's dog was as loyal as they come, never straying too far or too long, always there to offer comfort and companionship.

      This example uses the idiom in a personal context, describing a dog's affinity towards its owner. The metaphor is used to signify the dog's complete devotion and unconditional loyalty towards its owner, highlighting the bond that exists between dogs and their owners. It provides a vivid and emotive portrayal of the dog's loyalty and trustworthiness.


    The idiom "as loyal as a dog" is commonly used to highlight someone's unwavering allegiance and dedication. It is often employed to praise individuals who are steadfast and trustworthy in their relationships or commitments. The phrase underscores the loyalty associated with dogs, known for their faithful and loving nature towards their owners.

    People use this idiom to express admiration for those who exhibit similar loyalty and reliability in their interactions. By comparing someone's loyalty to that of a dog, it emphasizes the deep sense of devotion and fidelity that the individual displays in various aspects of their life.

    Origin of "as loyal as a dog"

    The origin of the idiom "as loyal as a dog" dates back to ancient times when dogs were domesticated and known for their loyalty to humans. Dogs have been companions to humans for centuries, providing protection, assistance, and companionship. Their unwavering loyalty and devotion have been recognized and celebrated in various cultures and societies.

    The idiom likely originated from the observation of these qualities in dogs and the desire to praise individuals who exhibit similar loyalty and faithfulness in their relationships. Over time, the phrase has become a common expression used to convey the idea of exceptional loyalty and devotion, drawing on the long-standing association between dogs and loyalty in human society.