as brave as a lion


      • to describe someone as very courageous or brave
        To praise someone for their bravery and fearlessness in facing challenges or danger

    Examples of as brave as a lion

    • The little girl stood as brave as a lion in front of the raging bull, knowing it could have been fatal for her but her bravery prevailed over her fears.

      The little girl showed an incredible amount of courage just like a lion would in the face of danger. Although a lion is much bigger and stronger than a little girl, the phrase 'as brave as a lion' depicts the same level of fearlessness and valor that a lion holds.

    • The soldier charged into the battlefield, his eyes fixed on the enemy, as brave as a lion with his heart pounding, adrenaline rushing and his fingers holding the trigger.

      The soldier's bravery was equal to that of a lion's, for just as a lion does not flee from danger but instead charges towards it, the soldier too had the courage and fearlessness to run towards his enemies even in the face of harm.

    • The finalist stepped onto the mat, heart pounding, arms and legs quivering, as brave as a lion in the face of her opponent.

      In the sporting arena, just as a lion would not back down from its enemy, the finalist too showed an extraordinary amount of bravery by stepping onto the mat, despite being nervous and fearful.

    • In the face of adversity, the entrepreneur stood tall and proud, as brave as a lion facing down a pack of hyenas.

      When facing difficult situations, the entrepreneur's bravery was equivalent to that of a lion in the face of danger, for just as a lion does not shy away from a pack of hyenas, the entrepreneur too stood tall and proud against all adversity.

    • Alice's grandfather, a war veteran, was as brave as a lion during the dangerous helicopter rescue mission.

      This example is used to show that the protagonist, Alice's grandfather, was incredibly brave during a dangerous rescue mission, just as brave as a lion would be in a difficult and dangerous situation.

    • The firefighter, John, showed immense bravery during the raging inferno. He was as brave as a lion protecting his pride.

      Here, John's bravery was compared to a lion's bravery to protect his pride. Just as a lion is fearless during the protection of his pride, John was shown to have been just as brave during the fire.

    • Maria, the recent cancer survivor, was as brave as a lion in facing the grueling treatment regimen.

      This example emphasizes Maria's true grit and fierce determination to face the cancer treatment head-on, despite its adverse effects. Just as a lion bravely confronts its enemies, Maria faced cancer with a similar tenacity and bravery.

    • The war hero, Sarah, was as brave as a lion when she charged into enemy territory, single-handedly saving her comrades.

      This example referred to Sarah's courageous and valiant actions during the war when she charged into enemy territory and saved her comrades all alone, just like a lion charging into enemy territory to protect his pride.


    The idiom "as brave as a lion" is a powerful way to compliment someone's courage. By comparing them to the brave and majestic lion, it highlights their fearlessness and willingness to confront difficult situations head-on. This phrase is often used to inspire and uplift individuals, acknowledging their strength and resilience in the face of adversity. It can be a motivating reminder of one's inner bravery and ability to overcome obstacles.

    Origin of "as brave as a lion"

    The origin of the idiom "as brave as a lion" can be traced back to ancient times when lions were revered for their strength and courage. In many cultures, lions symbolize bravery and power, often depicted as the king of the jungle. This association with courage led to the use of lions in various expressions and sayings to convey the idea of fearlessness.

    The phrase itself likely gained popularity through literature and storytelling, where lions were frequently used as symbols of bravery and heroism. Over time, it became a common idiom to describe individuals who exhibit remarkable courage and fortitude. The enduring image of the lion as a fearless and noble beast has solidified the idiom's meaning as a compliment for those who demonstrate exceptional bravery in the face of adversity.