An offer he can't refuse


      • persuasion through intimidation
        To present an offer or proposition that is so appealing or intimidating that the other person feels compelled to accept it without any hesitation or resistance

      • temptation
        To present an offer or opportunity that is too good to pass up, often used in a sarcastic or humorous manner

    Examples of An offer he can't refuse

    • The mafia boss handed over a business proposal to his rival, stating that it would be an offer he can't refuse.

      This idiom is popularly used to describe an offer that is essentially impossible to reject, often because of the consequences that may arise from refusal. In this example, the rival is being presented with an offer that is likely to have serious negative consequences if he refuses, which puts him in a difficult position.

    • My boss has promised me a promotion if I work overtime for the next month. He made it clear that it would be an offer I can't refuse, since it would be a significant boost to my career.

      In this example, the offer is highly desirable, and refusal would result in a missed opportunity for career advancement.

    • The politician's opponents accused him of accepting an offer he can't refuse in return for his political support.

      This example shows how the idiom can be used to suggest that someone may have been compromised or coerced into making a decision in return for a perceived benefit.

    • The charity organization offered to provide free lunches to underprivileged children as a way to help them learn and grow. They made it clear that this would be an offer that the children couldn't refuse, since it would provide them with valuable resources that they would not otherwise have access to.

      This example shows how the idiom can be used to describe an offer that is highly beneficial and positive, to the point that it is essentially irresistible. The children would not be able to refuse this offer because it would offer them opportunities and resources that would greatly improve their lives.

    • The mob boss handed the struggling businessman a piece of paper and said, "Here's an offer you can't refuse. You pay us protection money every week, or we'll make sure your business goes under."

      The idiom "an offer he can't refuse" refers to an offer that is so enticing or advantageous that the person receiving it cannot possibly decline. In this context, it's being used to describe a form of extortion in which the recipient is forced to accept a proposition due to the consequences of refusing.

    • The real estate agent showed the homebuyers a property with stunning views and a price tag that was much lower than they anticipated. "This is an offer you can't refuse," she exclaimed.

      In this example, the idiom is being used to describe a situation in which the offer presented, in this case, a lower-than-expected price on a property, is so favorable that it's almost impossible to say no.

    • The CEO told the employee that his company had received a buyout offer from a larger firm and he had until the end of the day to accept or risk losing his job. "This is an offer you can't refuse," he warned.

      Here, the idiom is being used to describe a situation in which the person being presented with an offer is in a position of urgency, and the consequence of refusing is severe, such as losing one's job.

    • The travel agent presented the jet-set couple with an exclusive deal to fly first class to Paris for a week. "This is an offer you can't refuse," she said with a grin.

      In this final example, the idiom is being used to describe a situation in which an offer is so luxurious and appealing that rejecting it would seem illogical or irrational.


    This idiom is commonly used to describe a situation where someone is presented with an offer that they cannot reject. This could be due to the offer being too good to refuse or the consequences of refusing being too severe. The intention behind using this idiom is often to persuade or manipulate someone into accepting the offer without question.

    In some cases, the idiom can also be used sarcastically or humorously to describe a tempting opportunity or proposition that is not necessarily as serious or intimidating as it seems. This usage is more lighthearted and does not carry the same level of intimidation or manipulation as the previous meaning.

    Origin of "An offer he can't refuse"

    The origin of this idiom can be traced back to the Italian Mafia, where it was used as a threat to force someone into doing something against their will. This was often used in the context of organized crime, where the offer was usually a request for a favor or a demand for payment.

    In popular culture, this idiom gained widespread recognition through its use in the 1972 film "The Godfather." The character Don Vito Corleone famously says, "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse" when discussing a business deal with one of his associates. This line has since become a popular catchphrase and has solidified the idiom's meaning of persuasion through intimidation.